10 best sci-fi films at the Edinburgh Film Festival 2017

10 Best sci-fi films at the Edinburgh Film Festival 2017


Highlights include Okja, Escape From New York, Guardians, Born in Flames and The Terminator

The Edinburgh International Film Festival is back again with another packed programme of screenings across the city. Perfect for film fans of every persuasion but if you hanker after the best in sci-fi we've trawled the lineup for the very best in interstellar adventure, cult classics and futuristic visionaries.

Born in Flames

Feminist sci-fi about female freedom fighters, The Women's Army, battling against repression. Born in Flames first screened at the EIFF in 1983 and director Lizzie Borden returns to appear In Person (Traverse Theatre, Sat 1 Jul, 8.45pm).
Filmhouse, Sat 1 Jul, 6pm.

The Erlprince (Królewicz olch)

Screening as part of Focus on Poland, director Kuba Czekaj reimagines Goethe as sci-fi as a gifted teenagers (Staszek Cywka) opens up parallel worlds linked by light.
Odeon, Sat 24 Jun, 3.40pm & Mon 26 Jun, 8.40pm.

Escape From New York

When the President becomes trapped in New York, now a maximum security prison, only one man is up to challenge of his rescue. Kurt Russell with an iconic turn as one-eyed, wise-cracking rogue Snake Plissken in this ridiculously over the top action movie from John Carpenter.
Filmhouse, Tue 27 Jun, 11.20pm.

Fantastic Planet (La planéte sauvage)

Surreal but stunning animation about humans being kept as pets on a distant planet. Picked up the special jury prize at Cannes when it was released back in 1973.
Filmhouse, Mon 26 Jun, 6.10pm.

The Farthest

Science fact rather than science fiction. Beautiful contemplative documentary about the Voyager 1 and its ongoing mission into deep outer space.
Cineworld, Thu 22 Jun, 6.05pm & Sat 24 Jun, 3.35pm.

Guardians (Zaschitinicki)

If you thought only America does superheroes think again. Epic action with a Russian twist in this huge special effects packed blockbuster as a group of Soviet superheroes band together against evil.
Cineworld, Thu 29 Jun, 8.45pm; Sat 1 Jul, 11.25pm.

My Entire High School Sinking Into the Sea

Super weird vibrant indie animation. A sort of slacker Poseidon Adventure as high school kids attempt to escape as their school sinks into the Pacific Ocean, featuring the vocal talents on Jason Schwartzman, Lena Dunham, Reggie Watts and Susan Sarandon.
Cineworld Wed 28 Jun, 8.35pm & Thu 29 Jun, 6.15pm.


The director of The Host, Bong Joon Ho, returns with a kooky take on the monster movie formula in Okja, the story of a girl and her giant mutant pig-beast pal. Tilda Swinton is among the villains hunting the cute critter. The List didn't particularly enjoy Okja at Cannes but lots of other folk found it charming.
Filmhouse, Sun 25 Jun, 5.15pm; Cineworld, Wed 28 Jun, 6.05pm.

Time Bandits

Terry Gilliam's gloriously dark adventure is the stuff of childhood nightmares and daydreamed fantasy. A bizarre and twisted romp through the ages as Kevin (Craig Warnock) mistakenly joins a band of time travelling thieves. Originally released in 1981, a rare chance to catch Time Bandits on the big screen (Gilliam's wonderfully dystopian tale of red tape and bureaucracy, Brazil, is also screening as part of the EIFF).
Filmhouse, Sun 2 Jul, 1pm.

The Terminator

Arnold Schwarzenegger stars as the ultimate cyborg killing machine. Classic action from James Cameron screening as part of Brave New World which showcases the best sci-fi from 1980–1985 (other highlights include Outland, Repo Man and Videodrome).
Filmhouse, Thu 22 Jun, 6.10pm.

Edinburgh International Film Festival, various venues, 21 Jun–2 Jul.