Best of the Fest programme at Edinburgh International Film Festival

  • 25 June 2008
Best of the Fest

Man on Wire

The final Sunday of the festival brings the screening of some of the most popular films at the festival for a third and final time - brought to you by The List.

This Sunday 29th June becomes 'second chance Sunday', with the following films all being screened again.

Book now to avoid disappointment!


10:00 Encounters at the End of the World Filmhouse  
11:00 Bigga than Ben Filmhouse review
12:15 The Black Balloon Cineworld  
12:15 WALL·E Filmhouse interview
13:15 The Third Pint Filmhouse  
14:00 Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day Cameo  
14:00 Before the Rains Cineworld review
14:15 14 Kilometres (14 Kilometros) Filmhouse review
14:30 Stone of Destiny Cineworld  
15:15 Strange Girls Filmhouse  
16:00 The Kreutzer Sonata Cineworld  
16:15 Elegy Cameo  
16:30 Captain Abu Raed Filmhouse  
16:45 WALL·E Cineworld interview
17:30 Spike Filmhouse  
18:00 The New Ten Commandments Filmhouse  
18:15 Red Cineworld  
18:30 Helen Cameo  
19:00 A Film with Me in It Cineworld  
19:00 Summer Filmhouse  
19:30 Blood Car Filmhouse  
20:15 Transsiberian Cineworld  
20:45 Warsaw Dark Filmhouse  
21:00 The Wave Cineworld  
21:15 Man on Wire Filmhouse interview
21:30 Crack Willow Filmhouse  
14:00 Before the Rains Cineworld review