Best of the Fest programme at Edinburgh International Film Festival

Man on Wire

The final Sunday of the festival brings the screening of some of the most popular films at the festival for a third and final time - brought to you by The List.

This Sunday 29th June becomes 'second chance Sunday', with the following films all being screened again.

Book now to avoid disappointment!


10:00 Encounters at the End of the World Filmhouse  
11:00 Bigga than Ben Filmhouse review
12:15 The Black Balloon Cineworld  
12:15 WALL·E Filmhouse interview
13:15 The Third Pint Filmhouse  
14:00 Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day Cameo  
14:00 Before the Rains Cineworld review
14:15 14 Kilometres (14 Kilometros) Filmhouse review
14:30 Stone of Destiny Cineworld  
15:15 Strange Girls Filmhouse  
16:00 The Kreutzer Sonata Cineworld  
16:15 Elegy Cameo  
16:30 Captain Abu Raed Filmhouse  
16:45 WALL·E Cineworld interview
17:30 Spike Filmhouse  
18:00 The New Ten Commandments Filmhouse  
18:15 Red Cineworld  
18:30 Helen Cameo  
19:00 A Film with Me in It Cineworld  
19:00 Summer Filmhouse  
19:30 Blood Car Filmhouse  
20:15 Transsiberian Cineworld  
20:45 Warsaw Dark Filmhouse  
21:00 The Wave Cineworld  
21:15 Man on Wire Filmhouse interview
21:30 Crack Willow Filmhouse  
14:00 Before the Rains Cineworld review