Africa in Motion Film Festival 2017 looks at African and black identities globally

Africa in Motion Film Festival 2017 looks at African and black identities globally

Kinning Park Cabaret

12th edition of Scotland's annual African film festival brings a programme of screenings, discussions, Q&As with filmmake

This year's Africa in Motion Festival aims to take visitors on a journey across the continent while exploring African and black identities around the world. Film strands include 'Africa's Lost Classics' which brings classic African films to Scotland, 'Women in Focus' which aims to champion women in film and 'Reviving Scotland's Black History' where the work of young film programmers is brought to the screen.

As a major annual event in Scotland's cultural calendar, Africa in Motion brings the best of African cinema to Edinburgh and Glasgow. Here are some of our favourite events happening this year:

Félicité (festival opening night)
Bar singer Félicité sets out to make a life for her and her son in Kinshasa, the largest city in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Life in the city can be overwhelming, but she soon finds financial and emotional support from Tabu, who regularly visits the bar where she performs.
Fri 27 Oct, 8.35pm, Edinburgh Filmhouse

De Voortrekkers
Made in 1916, De Voortrekkers was one of the first South African dramatic film productions and is the oldest surviving South African feature film. It tells the story of the Boers' Great Trek at the end of the 1830s, ending with a reconstruction of the Battle of Blood River, where a small army of Afrikaners defeated thousands of Zulus.
Sat 4 Nov, 4pm, Edinburgh Filmhouse

Kinning Park Cabaret
Poetry performances from Zimbabwean Tawona Sithole, music from the Heir of the Cursed, African food from social enterprise Küche and a screening of The Crying Conch – a short film which connects the past with the present.
Thu 28 Sep, 7pm, Kinning Park Complex, Glasgow

Living in Bondage
A 1992 Nollywood thriller which tells the story of Andy Okeke and wife Merit. When the couple lose their savings and Merit becomes unemployed, Andy's friend shares his secret to success – a satanic cult.
Sun 5 Nov, 8pm, The Corinthian Club, Glasgow

Africa in Motion Film Festival

Scotland’s annual celebration of African cinema heads online with screenings of animated films, features, shorts and documentaries. The 2020 festival features five key strands: Diaspora, Industry, Mamas, Queer Africa and Women in Focus.