15 best new horror films on Netflix

15 Best New Horror Films on Netflix

The Neon Demon

Featuring The Babysitter, Death Note, Gerald's Games, Blair Witch, You're Next and more

Horror is one of the oldest genres in cinema – Le Manoir du diable (aka The House of the Devil) dates back to 1896 – but if you fancy something a bit more modern Netflix has you covered this Halloween. Not only do they have some terrific terrifying TV shows (Stranger Things, Hannibal and Salem are at the top of our binge watch list) but tons of fright flicks to choose from. And here's our favourite new, post-2010, horror movies currently available.

The Babadook
A widow and her annoying kid are haunted by a creepy creature / ghost that escapes the pages of a children's book. After Netflix mistakenly added their 'Gay & Lesbian' tag the Babadook became an unlikely LGBT mascot.

The Babysitter
Raucous horror comedy about a psychopathic babysitter who plans to sacrifice the young lad she is supposed to be watching. Netflix original available from 13 Oct.

Blair Witch
The second sequel (please avoid Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2) to the found footage phenom. Director Adam Wingard takes us back into the Maryland woods as another group of college kids attempt to track down the local legend.

Cabin in the Woods
An absolute blast from start to finish. A meta horror film that plays with the genre's clichés while offering a fresh new take on why teenagers don't usually survive camping trips.

Death Note
Wingard remakes the Japanese manga. Now set in Seattle, a high school student is gifted a note book with the power to kill anyone who's name is written in it's pages by the god of death.

Evil Dead
Another remake. This takes Sam Raimi's splatter classic and amps up the violence for an intense gorefest as demons possesses a group of friends after they discover the Book of the Dead.

Gerald's Game
Stephen King is hot right now (It had the biggest opening weekend for a horror film of all time). Gerald's Game is a very different film from the master of the macabre as a sex game goes wrong and Jessie (Carla Gugino) finds herself trapped.

Green Inferno
Eli Roth pays tribute to the grisly cannibal movies of the 70s, packed with flesh chewing, gut munching action in the Amazon rainforest.

Tense slasher movie with a twist as a masked killer stalks a deaf woman.

The first entry in the Insidious franchise (part two is also available) is a creepy haunted house horror that turns into a full on ghost train fun ride of shocks and frights.

It Follows
One of the most original horrors of the last few years as a shapeshifting supernatural being relentlessly pursues Maika Monroe. Creepy, inventive and unrelenting.

The Neon Demon
A divisive film from acclaimed director Nicolas Winding Refn. Visually stunning tale of the hidden horrors in the vacuous LA fashion scene.

The Visit
M Night Shamalan makes his return to the world of decent filmmmaking with a low key found footage feature as two kids go to stay with their freaky grandparents.

Anthology horror featuring four short films written and directed by women including musician St Vincent (under her real name Annie Clark). Read our interview with Annie Clark, Karyn Kusama and Jovanka Vuckovic.

You're Next
Wingard appears to be Netflix favourite horror director as his brutal and bloody home invasion thriller is also ready to stream.