Tick Tock Lullaby (3 stars)

Tick Tock Lullaby

(15) 72min (Peccadillo DVD retail)


In one particular scene of this film, a good looking thirty-something notices that he’s been trailed by a couple of ladies, and comments that it’s the first time he’s been cruised by two gay women, and that pretty much sums up the twist to Lisa Gornick’s tale of ‘life, love and London ladies’.

This is an example of the sort of queer cinema that is quirky but not remotely radical. It follows three stories throughout the film. In the first, two gay women (Gornick and Raquel Cassidy) are looking for a sperm donor for their child, the second charts a married couple with marital problems whilst the third follows a single woman (Sarah Patterson), a photographer, also looking to get impregnated.

Told in a breezy, chirpy style with voice-over and cartoon sketches detailing the story, Gornick’s film could have utilised its London locales more than it does, and the characters never really become any more complex than the specific issues each has to address. Watchable enough though. Minimal extras.

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