The Graveyard (1 star)

The Graveyard

(18) 83min (Revolver DVD rental/retail)


Michael Hurst’s horror-by-numbers film harks back very ineffectively to the three decade old genre conventions of Friday The 13th and Halloween without evoking the slightest hint of the atmosphere.

In it, a prologue sees a group of college friends playing an unpleasant prank upon one of their number, who dies as a result. Bobby, (Patrick Scott Lewis) is held by the authorities to be responsible. After a five-year manslaughter sentence, Bobby reassembles his friends in the inevitable summer camp where the action began, and, completely unsurprisingly, they begin to come to nasty ends. It’s difficult to see why this genre would be revisited at this time, but given a certain edge, the film might have scraped by under its tired formula. Yet a predictable plot and a thinly disguised villain quash any hope of success. Bury this one face down.

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