The Son of Bigfoot (3 stars)

The Son of Bigfoot

Quirky, upbeat animation which does just enough to stand out from the crowd

Also known as Bigfoot Junior, The Son of Bigfoot is the latest from Belgian animation studio nWave Pictures, previously responsible for A Turtle's Tale and its follow-up, as well as 2016's Robinson Crusoe. Aimed squarely at the American market, Son of Bigfoot is their best effort to date: an espionage-flavoured take on the Sasquatch myth, with directors Ben Stassen and Jeremy Degruson hitting the right, child-centric tone.

Adam Harrison (voiced by Pappy Faulkner) is an ordinary Portland, Oregon teenager. Prey to local bullies, suffering from an absent father and concerned about his appearance, his big feet and surprising hirsute-ness make him painfully self-conscious. Pursued by thugs to a playground, Adam discovers he has previously unknown physical talents, and the discovery of a scrap of bark in a biscuit tin under his house leads him to seek out his father, who is hiding in the wild as Bigfoot. Adam's mother Tina (Sandy Fox) sets out in pursuit, and Adam and Bigfoot's outdoor bonding sessions are also threatened by the nefarious HairCo company, who are determined to harvest Bigfoot's DNA in their quest to make the perfect hair restoration product for men.

Son of Bigfoot gets a little bogged down in the mid-section, where Bigfoot and son's ability to command birds, squirrels and bears unleashes a few-too-many cute critters. But a climax where Adam and his animal army storm HairCo's high-tech headquarters to rescue his father is nicely done in a sub-Ocean's Eleven fashion, and the general disparagement of male vanity is a quirky, amusing theme.

While still well short of the kind of thematic strength of Pixar or DreamWorks, Son of Bigfoot has above-par character and background animation, an effectively upbeat pop score by Belgian band Puggy, and just enough unique flavour to stand out from the crowd in a busy family animation field.

General release from Fri 3 Nov.

The Son of Bigfoot

  • 3 stars
  • 2017
  • Belgium
  • 1h 32min
  • PG
  • Directed by: Jeremy Degruson/Ben Stassen
  • Cast: Pappy Faulkner, Christopher L Parson, Cinda Adams, Bob Barlen, Cal Brunker
  • UK release: 3 November 2017

Adam (Faulkner) is an Oregon teenager with an absent father and concerns about his own big feet and hirsute-ness; it turns out that his father is Bigfoot. It gets bogged down in the middle section but the disparagement of male vanity is amusing, and it has enough above-par character and background animation to stand out…