Glasgow Film Theatre to host monthly Dementia Friendly Screenings

Glasgow Film Theatre to host monthly Dementia Friendly Screenings

Ingrid Mur

Upcoming films include White Christmas and Britain on Film: Coast to Sea

People with dementia can feel excluded. Glasgow Film Theatre decided to help and hosted a special screening of classic musical Singin' in the Rain at Dundasvale Residents Hall in 2016. The experience was enhanced by 'a movie memories handling kit' provided by Glasgow Museums, helping to bring the film to life.

The GFT was awarded funding from Life Changes Trust to host monthly, dementia-friendly screenings, including Britain on Film: Coast and Sea (Thu 23 Nov) and festive favourite White Christmas (Thu 21 Dec) with all tickets priced at just £3.

'A diagnosis of dementia should not ostracise people and so there is a social duty to make sure people still have the choice to engage,' explains Jodie Wilkinson, GFT's Programme Engagement Coordinator. 'GFT is the first cinema in Glasgow to run this type of programme and we are working with a Movie Memories Coordinator, Agnes Houston, who was diagnosed with dementia in 2006. We are proud to offer people living with dementia, their families and/or carers, the choice to engage in coming to the cinema.'

The cinema will create a safe and welcoming environment for movie fans with dementia. 'GFT projectionists have found the high and low spots of acoustics, making it possible for me to enjoy the cinema experience for the first time in 10 years,' added Agnes Houston, MBE, GFT's Movie Memories Coordinator. 'Similarly with the lights being slightly brighter, I have no fear in getting around the cinema. Together, we found the barriers and then created solutions to make the GFT an enabling environment. Movie Memories means that I am included, and I am so looking forward to White Christmas.'

Glasgow Film Theatre

12 Rose Street, Glasgow, G3 6RB

Originally built as the Cosmo in 1939, this was the first art-house cinema constructed outside London. From 1974, the B-Listed building became better known as the GFT and now features three screens and hosts the Glasgow Film Festival.

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