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  • 3 January 2007

Rough Cuts

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Farewell to the wonderful writer and translator Robin Buss. Better known for his television review work in The Independent on Sunday, Buss was also a film theorist and cinéaste of rare note. Not only did he write an excellent critical study of Cocteau, his three most famous film books - The French Through Their Films (1988), Italian Films (1989) and French Film Noir (pictured) are seminal texts for any budding film fan. Buss died suddenly in late December and will be much missed; he was one of a now almost lost breed.

Great news for independent cinemas in Scotland! Six Scottish cinemas are to receive funding to improve their facilities, including the installation of new sound systems, seating, air-conditioning and carpets, as well as improved access for wheelchairs. This funding follows cash awards of almost £750,000 given out by the UK Film Council to small, independently owned cinemas. Best of all, the GFT has been awarded £5967 worth of help.

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