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Reviews & features: Armie Hammer

The Lone Ranger

7 Aug 20132 stars

Uneven tone and lack of chemistry make film feel like a vanity project gone awry

In reviving The Lone Ranger, the trio of Johnny Depp, director Gore Verbinski and super-producer Jerry Bruckheimer were undoubtedly trying to recapture the energy of the classic Clayton Moore TV series as well as their own Pirates of the Caribbean…

Mirror Mirror

5 Apr 20122 stars

Snarky re-telling of the Snow White myth, with the odd visual flourish

Tarsem Singh is a frustrating director; he has a canny eye for striking imagery, but an uncanny knack for picking scripts with little or no charm (The Fall being his sole exception so far). So it was with J-Lo vehicle The Cell and Clash of the Titans…