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Reviews & features: Charles Burnett

Killer of Sheep - Charles Burnett

21 Aug 2008

Sheep of the just

Google Charles Burnett’s name and you will come across ecstatic proclamations such as ‘considered one of America’s greatest filmmakers’. That may come as a shock to the many who have never heard of the African American filmmaker or seen any of his…

Also Released - Film

21 Aug 2008

Babylon AD (12A) 90min •• Post-apocalyptic thriller starring Vin Diesel as Russian mercenary Toorop who is escorting a very special woman (Michelle Yeoh) to China. This woman carries inside her the possibility of a spiritual future for all mankind.

Shotgun Stories

22 May 20084 stars

REVENGE/TRAGEDY (12A) 90min Poverty and hope are the currencies traded in the southeastern part of Arkansas that is the stage for Jeff Nichol’s feature debut. This is a land of downriver people whose luckless lives are tied to the Mississippi-enriched…