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Reviews & features: Daniel Brühl

The Face of an Angel

23 Mar 20153 stars

Michael Winterbottom uses a real-life murder case as a springboard for drama

After sending funny men Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon munching their way around Italy for TV series / film The Trip to Italy, prolific British director Michael Winterbottom stays in the region for his latest movie. This, however, is anything but comedy…

The Fifth Estate

16 Sep 20133 stars

The Cumberbatch-starring WikiLeaks drama mimics The Social Network, but lacks that film's focus

The very notion of Benedict Cumberbatch playing the otherworldly Julian Assange is enough to attract anyone’s interest in The Fifth Estate. Cumberbatch brings a mixture of steely self-determination and implacable, inscrutable calm to his portrayal…


4 Sep 20134 stars

Even if you run a mile from Top Gear, Ron Howard's F1 actioner is still exciting stuff

Forget discipline, training and mental fortitude. The greatest spur to sporting achievement is a deadly rival that you yearn to crush beneath the heel of your own glorious victory. That’s the philosophy that underlines Rush, an entertaining account of…

7 Days in Havana

14 Jun 20123 stars

Seven short films presenting a rich, vivid and pointedly non-stereotypical view of Cuba

This Spanish-language portmanteau film paints a picture of contemporary life in the Cuban capital through seven tragic-comic short films which unfold over the course of one week. All of the segments are written by the Cuban novelist Leonardo Padura…


5 Jan 20123 stars

Derivative, moderately engaging paranormal horror starring Clive Owen

(15) 110min Spanish director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo has never quite delivered on the promise of his clever debut feature Intacto. Retro chiller Intruders is cleverly constructed and suspenseful but fades when pitted against superior genre fare like…