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The Monk director Dominik Moll - interview

26 Apr 2012

The French director discusses his dark and beautiful adaptation of Matthew Lewis’ Gothic horror

'Film has a lot to do with dreams and nightmares,' says Dominik Moll, 'and what I like about making films is that they allow you to show a surface and also what’s underneath. I’m attracted to this double-layer idea.' The German-born French filmmaker…

The Monk

17 Apr 20123 stars

Vincent Cassel stars in Dominik Moll's visually impressive but otherwise inert thriller

(15) 101min It’s been seven years since Dominik Moll’s last film, but the talented filmmaker who made the blackly comic thrillers Harry, He’s Here to Help and Lemming, is back with his most ambitious film yet. Sadly, Moll’s adaptation of Matthew…