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Reviews & features: Jim Henson

I Am Big Bird

27 Apr 20152 stars

Drama-free documentary about Sesame Street stalwart Caroll Spinney

The second Muppet documentary of late, Dave LaMattina and Chad N Walker’s film follows Constance Marks’ 2011 effort, Being Elmo. While Marks’ film looked at Kevin Clash, the man behind Sesame Street’s beloved furry red monster, I Am Big Bird plays like…

Being Elmo

17 Apr 20123 stars

A revealing and heartfelt insight into the work of Kevin Clash, the man behind the puppet

(tbc) 80min The recent Muppet movie and attendant hype has reaffirmed the peculiar genius of Jim Henson’s life’s work: that is to say, even when we can literally see the wires, even when we know we’re looking at manipulated felt and hearing actors…