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Reviews & features: Joseph Gordon Levitt

Interview: Robert Rodriguez, Eva Green and Jessica Alba talk Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

26 Aug 2014

The director and stars are making a return to Frank Miller's graphic neo-noir universe

If there’s been one question Robert Rodriguez has faced over the past nine years, it’s this: When are you going back to Sin City? ‘To have a movie that people chase you down about to get a sequel for. That just doesn’t happen,’ nods the 46-year-old…

Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

26 Aug 20143 stars

Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller's sequel favours style over substance

Nearly a decade after Robert Rodriguez teamed up with graphic novelist Frank Miller to bring Miller’s celebrated Sin City to jaw-dropping life, their follow-up navigates the same schlocky, sweaty path of bloody crime and bloodier retribution. Like…

The Wind Rises

21 Apr 20144 stars

An engaging, deeply moving and mature Studio Ghibli film that exudes intelligence and compassion

Studio Ghibli founder Hayao Miyazaki has taken a few curtain calls in the past; if his final film is to be The Wind Rises, then he’ll be going out at the very top of his game. A beautifully animated study of Japanese aircraft designer Jiro Horikoshi…

Don Jon

17 Oct 20133 stars

Joseph Gordon-Levitt's promising directorial debut is about a man obsessed with porn

Joseph Gordon-Levitt has already directed several short films but Don Jon sees this likeable and versatile actor take the helm of his first full feature – and he proves himself a multi-tasker by penning the screenplay and performing in the lead role. It…

Programme highlights of the London Film Festival 2013

4 Sep 2013

The capital film fest will feature new works from Richard Ayoade and the Coen brothers

Tom Hanks thriller Captain Phillips, Walt Disney biopic Saving Mr Banks and Steve McQueen's Shame follow-up 12 Years a Slave are among the highlights of the London Film Festival's 2013 programme. The festival, which takes place in several venues across…

Autumn film preview 2013: The best mainstream releases

30 Aug 2013

Thor: Dark World, Gravity and The Counsellor among this autumn's finest big-budget upcoming movies

The biggest story in multiplexes this autumn is the continued development of Marvel’s Avengers universe with Phase 2 super-sequel Thor: The Dark World (30 Oct). Following on from the events in last year’s Avengers Assemble, the hammer-wielding Chris…


18 Jan 20134 stars

Absorbing and unassuming film eschews trademark Spielberg sentimentality

Lincoln has been a lengthy labour of love for Steven Spielberg. Screenwriters and a lead actor have come and gone over more than a decade spent striving to tunnel out a cohesive drama from within the life of such a monumental and seemingly familiar…


7 Sep 20125 stars

Impressive time-travel tale from Rian Johnson, starring Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon-Levitt

After his impressive debut Brick and his mildly disappointing follow-up, The Brothers Bloom, Rian Johnson’s time-travel tale Looper feels like a giant leap forwards. Warmly embracing elements of sci-fi, horror and romance, in a story inspired equally by…

Rian Johnson, director of Looper

7 Sep 2012

The filmmaker talks about working with Bruce Willis and the logic of time travel

A story set in 2044, about assassins whose targets are sent back from thirty years further in the future, Looper is a very intricate sci-fi. How did you approach writing it? Writing the screenplay, part of what I wanted to do with it was really focus…

Premium Rush

3 Sep 20124 stars

Slick action about a New York bike messenger, starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Michael Shannon

There are three major factors that make David Koepp's Premium Rush worthy of recommendation: breathtaking real stunts that do justice to the film's name, a charismatic leading man in Joseph Gordon-Levitt and a formidably villain in Boardwalk Empire's…

Rian Johnson and Joseph Gordon-Levitt reunite in sci-fi thriller Looper

16 Aug 2012

Bruce Willis and Emily Blunt also star in film about hired killer with a difference

Once the lavish summer blockbusters are out of the way, there’s always a slice of brain-boggling sci-fi set aside to keep genre aficionados going. Writer/director Rian Johnson’s Looper reunites him with his Brick star Joseph Gordon-Levitt for a…

The Dark Knight Rises

16 Jul 20125 stars

Christopher Nolan’s epic conclusion to his Batman trilogy is set to be the blockbuster of the year

If, as was rumoured, Christopher Nolan was initially reluctant to make a third Batman film, you wouldn’t know it from The Dark Knight Rises. Drawing from plotlines from both Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, it feels like it was always meant to be a…


9 Nov 20114 stars

Comedy about cancer one of the funniest and most human films of the year

(15) 100min Not since Roberto Benigni won Oscars for Life is Beautiful – a holocaust movie played for laughs – has there been a comedy with such a seemingly poor premise that scores so high on the laughter scale. 50/50 is a comedy about cancer. Get…

(500) Days of Summer - Joseph Gordon-Levitt interview

21 Aug 2009

The former sitcom star talks about his movie success

‘You have to make it for yourself. You have to figure it out for yourself, and if it’s real love it’s going to be unlike anyone else has ever felt before’. Joseph Gordon-Levitt, star of the new romantic comedy (500) Days of Summer, is getting…

(500) Days of Summer

21 Aug 20092 stars

Back to front story romantic comedy

(500) Days of Summer promises more than it delivers, regrettably. This factory made YouTube generation rom-com kicks off at breakneck speed delivering a drole reconstruction of young man Tom’s (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) unruly love affair with young girl…

The Lookout

1 Nov 20073 stars

THRILLER (15) 98min If life was a competition, then Chris Pratt (Joseph Gordon Levitt) would be seeded one millionth. Nursing a serious head injury after causing a fatal car accident, the unfortunately named Pratt has both physical disability and…