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Reviews & features: Ryan Guzman

The Boy Next Door

23 Feb 20152 stars

Rob Cohen directs Jennifer Lopez in an unintentionally amusing erotic thriller

Jennifer Lopez plays a classics teacher in The Boy Next Door. If she taught something else, we wouldn't be treated to the best joke in a film so far this year. Hot neighbour Noah (the Step Up series' Ryan Guzman) seduces almost-divorced older woman…

Step Up 5: All In

30 Jul 20143 stars

The fifth instalment of the dance franchise brings together Ryan Guzman and Briana Evigan

Spectacular dance sequences and some serious dusting-the-dirt-off-your-shoulder moves make up this 'getting the gang back together' style instalment of the Step Up franchise, where favourite characters return and the dance crews head for the bright…

Step Up 4: Miami Heat

4 Aug 20122 stars

The dancing great, but the film is let down by flashy editing, poor acting and a clichéd script

If half as much attention was paid to story and character as it was to dance choreography then Step Up 4: Miami Heat might be something worth shouting about. Sadly, the latest entry in the seemingly interminable franchise offers more of the same…