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Reviews & features: Woody Allen

Magic in the Moonlight

15 Sep 20143 stars

Sparks fail to fly between Colin Firth and Emma Stone in Woody Allen's latest

Woody Allen waves his wand for the 44th time (a figure worthy of a sharp intake of breath) and the result is rather less bewitching than its twinkly title suggests. The promising premise involves one professional swindler attempting to unmask another…

Fading Gigolo

13 May 20143 stars

John Turturro's latest is an old fashioned sex comedy from a decidedly male perspective

While his acting career has thrown up a number of memorable turns, notably through collaborations with the Coen Brothers (Barton Fink, The Big Lebowski), John Turturro’s own films as director (Mac, Romance and Cigarettes) have tended to over-egg the…

SEE: Images from Woody Allen's next film, Magic in the Moonlight

16 Oct 2013

An ensemble cast features Colin Firth, Emma Stone, Marcia Gay Harden and Jacki Weaver

Never one to rest on his laurels (he's been averaging a film a year since Annie Hall in 1977), Woody Allen has already begun principle photography on his next project, the recently-announced title for which is Magic in the Moonlight. As with any Allen…

Blue Jasmine

5 Sep 20134 stars

Woody Allen's latest demonstrates his unique gift for balancing comedy and pathos

After two decades of disappointing movies inaccurately heralded as a ‘return to form’, Woody Allen finally gets back to his dexterous best with a beautifully wrought character study of Jasmine (Cate Blanchett), an unstable socialite poorly equipped to…

Five of the best cinematic unhappy endings

29 Jan 2013

This Valentine's Day, enjoy some movies where the two leads don't live happily ever after

WARNING: This list contains major spoilers.

Opinion: What do we think of Roman Polanski's films now?

12 Dec 2012

How we appreciate the work of controversial artists

With two of his most important films, 1965’s Repulsion and 1974’s Chinatown, heading for re-release, the question looms: how do we feel about the films of Roman Polanski now? The same as we would have had he not, a few years after making Chinatown, pled…

To Rome with Love

10 Sep 20123 stars

Woody Allen's latest is a joyfully silly tribute to the Italian capital

With his previous features Vicky Cristina Barcelona and Midnight in Paris, Woody Allen proved himself adroit at translating an American tourist’s view of the most beautiful (and undoubtedly clichéd) aspects of European culture to the big screen. Whereas…

Woody Allen: A Documentary

7 Jun 20123 stars

A funny and occasionally insightful overview of the American filmmaker

As a filmmaker Woody Allen is anything but showy; his films focus on characters, conversations and the absurd comedy of life, and whilst they are often beautifully photographed, Allen’s pictures, turned out at a steady rate of one a year, are defined by…

Woody Allen's To Rome with Love - trailer

4 Apr 2012

The director delivers another Europe-set ensemble piece, with Alec Baldwin, Ellen Page and more

Woody Allen looks set to continue his love affair with Europe (following on from Midnight in Paris and Vicky Cristina Barcelona) with his latest release, To Rome With Love. The Eternal City forms a backdrop to various intersecting comedic tales…

Oscars 2012 - live blog

28 Feb 2012

The List's lead film critic Hannah McGill delivers a play-by-play account of the big night

11.35pm The red carpet is underway. People nominated in obscure categories are meandering needily past the photographers, while publicists strop about holding signs that say things like ‘THIS PERSON HAS BEEN NOMINATED IN AN OBSCURE CATEGORY, PLEASE ACT…

Oscars 2012 - predictions

25 Jan 2012

Some of The List's film critics give their predictions on who'll win what at the Oscars

Best Picture. The Artist; simplicity is the reason that is soars above the other Oscar bait. The Artist probably will win, as it has won pretty much everything else going. It deserves it - when was the last time a film came along that made everyone fall…

Midnight in Paris

14 Sep 20114 stars

Another warm and witty all-star comedy from Woody Allen

(12A) 94min Midnight in Paris is one of the warmest and wittiest Woody Allen films in recent memory. The jaunty manner and literary bent are reminiscent of Vicky Cristina Barcelona as Allen invests what could be a New Yorker short story with a…

Top five: Actors who steal the show from the animated characters they voice

10 Mar 2011

In tribute to Johnny Depp's compelling performance in Rango

Johnny Depp is usually famed for his leading roles in Hollywood blockbusters, his ageless face always strikingly present on the promotional canvases. However, there is talk buzzing about his brilliance in his latest film Rango, where he plays…an…

You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger

10 Mar 20112 stars

Woody Allen's London-set comedy lacks vitality

(12A) 98min Sally (Naomi Watts) is frustrated with her marriage to failed writer Roy (Josh Brolin) and is struggling to understand her mother Helena (Gemma Jones) who has turned to a fortune teller to guide her through her break up with husband Alfie…

Whatever Works

21 Jun 20103 stars

(12A) 92min For comedy purists, and particularly aficionados of Jewish humour, there’s something quite delicious about the idea a Woody Allen and Larry David smack down. The director of Annie Hall and Manhattan meets the creator/star of Curb Your…

Synecdoche, New York: Crisis of faith

14 May 2009

‘How many roads must a man walk down / before you call him a man?’ Is Bob Dylan’s most famous protest song really a surrealist riddle? What’s the road made out of, and will it hurt the tender soles of my feet? That’s the thing about the Jewish…

Vicky Cristina Barcelona

5 Feb 20092 stars

COMEDY/ROMANCE Another year, another execrable Woody Allen film. Our bankrupt Icelandic friends have a proverb for this kind of thing – ‘mediocrity is climbing molehills without sweating.’ Young Americans Vicky (Rebecca Hall) and Cristina…

Indiana Jones premieres at Cannes

24 Apr 2008

The line-up for this year's Cannes Film Festival has been announced, and the most widely-anticipated premiere isn't even in competition. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull will receive its first screening at the festival, with…

Woody Allen - Cassandra's Dream

14 Feb 2008

Glasgow Film Festival

With those thick-rimmed glasses, that wisp of brown hair and the deeply cut grooves in his forehead, Woody Allen owns one of the most iconic faces in American cinema. These days, at 72, it’s a little more wizened and walnut-like – presumably from all…

Mere Anarchy

2 Jul 20074 stars

COMIC TALES Back in the day, the artist formerly known as Allan Konigsberg appeared hell-bent on making one classic comedy movie after another. He also seemed to find time to knock up a trio of books with silly stories, philosophically daft musings…


23 Nov 20064 stars

(12A) 95min

In 1979 at the age of 44 years old Woody Allen made his one true masterpiece. Wonderfully enjoyable films - Take the Money and Run, Bananas, Love and Death and Annie Hall were behind him and there was much to follow. But in Manhattan Allen briefly…