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The Talbot Theatre

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Heath Road, Whitchurch, Shropshire, SY13 2BY
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The Leylines

The Leylines are a 5 piece band formed in 2013 and based in Weston-super-Mare. Inspired by the Levellers and the rolling hills of the west country, their songs combine British social commentary with a folk/rock festival get up. There will be fiddles and there will be drinking stories… or Jigs and jugs perhaps?

The Leylines, Steve, Matt (guitar), Pete (bass), Dave (drums) and Hannah (violin), have created a style that combines the acerbic social commentary of Paul Weller with a folk-rock vibe that will send you right back to those long, hazy, festival days.

The Leylines haven’t been around for long but they are already festival favourites and have released their debut album, "Long the Old Straight Track", following up an an excellent EP

Fri 6 Oct


The Paperboys

So how do you like your musical cocktail? If it is shaken, not stirred then catch the Paperboys whilst you have the chance. This acclaimed Canadian-based band serves up a heady blend of country-folk-celtic -bluegrass-rock with a bit of traditional Mexican music thrown in for good measure. It defies labelling but hey, who cares, it is just brilliant music! Those of you who have seen this amazing band on their previous gigs here at Whitchurch will know what we mean.

The Paperboys are renowned for their energetic live performances and have wowed festival goers the world over. They create a buzz wherever they play . Lead singer is Tom Landau who is the only current band member to have been there from the start. Born in Mexico to a Canadian mother of Irish ancestry – thus accounting for at lest two of his musical influences - he later moved to Canada where he founded the Paperboys in 1992.

To say their music is versatile is to put it mildly and they have successfully blended many influences that recall bands like Horslips, the Waterboys and the Pogues.

Songs from the band’s fifth studio album, The Road to Ellenside, include Tom Landa’s richly expressive vocals backed by a combination of whistle and flute (Geoff Kelly is amazing), banjo, percussion, guitar and not to mention the jarana, a small Mexican guitar which Landa plays to great effect. The excellent musicianship creates a sound that fills the venue and the overall effect is exhilarating. The distinctly Celtic flavour that emergs time and time again sets the overall tone for the evening.

Sat 4 Nov


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