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Lawrence Batley Theatre

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Queen's Square, Queen Street, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, HD1 2SP
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Count Arthur Strong: Is There Anybody Out There?

ABERDEEN COMEDY FESTIVAL 2019: Count Arthur Strong | Tivoli Theatre

Entertaining comedy show that wrestles the big questions in life.

Wed 16 Oct


Ed Byrne: If I'm Honest …

Ed Byrne

The comic discusses whether he has any traits worthy of being inherited by his progeny.

Thu 21 Nov


Eggs On Legs

Eggs on Legs

Garlic Theatre's stage show about eggs with legs who have to protect another egg from a snake.

Sat 16 Nov


The Fire of Olympus; Or, On Sticking It To The Man

The Fire Of Olympus, Or On Sticking It To The Man

Tim Benjamin's opera about the story of Prometheus and Pandora, which re-imagines Handel's operatic works. Performed by Radius Opera in English.

Sat 21 Sep


Jason Byrne Wrecked But Ready

Jason Byrne: You Can Come in, But Don't Start Anything

The immensely popular Fringe fave takes to the stage for an hour of his raucous stand-up.

Thu 26 Sep


John Robins: Hot Shame

John Robins: Hot Shame

The comedian and 'London's saddest DJ' plumbs the hilarity to be found in even our bleakest moments.

Tue 29 Oct


Justin Moorhouse: Northern Joker

Justin Moorhouse: People and Feelings

These days Justins not certain about anything apart from his uncertainty Brexit looms, it appears the Cold War is being rebooted and thats before we begin to worry about whats happening in America..closer to home hes starting to feel redundant as a parent. One kid is leaving home, the dog is getting older and doesnt need much walking, and the youngest kid hits thirteen and cancels the family subscription to The Beano.On top of this the golden age of the Northern straight white male comedian has gone the way of the dinosaurs. How will he adapt if he wants to survive? What next for this Northern Joker? What can he talk to his daughter about now she cares little for Dennis the Menace and the Bash St Kids? Hang on. Perhaps nothing has changed that much. When he was thirteen, the Russians were scary, the White House was a madhouse and hed never been to Europe anyhow. Thinking back this was when his reading habits changed too, more Dark Knight than Desperate Dan, more Catwoman than Minnie the Minx. Perhaps our heroes never went away.they just waited for us to pick them up again. Perhaps she just needs a different type of comic.He charms the pants off the crowd…Sunday TimesComedic tour-de-force.brought a tear to a critical glass eye…The HeraldSimultaneously down-to-earth and out of this world…The ListThe amount of first-rate comic craft that goes into his deceptively simple routines is worthy of admiration…GuardianAge guidance: 14+

Fri 17 Jan




The story of Soonchild and her life north of the Arctic Circle.

Mon 28 Oct


Stick Man

Stick Man

Freckle Productions stage Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler’s tale about Stick Man's journey back to the family tree.

Sat 9 Nov
Sun 10 Nov


Tabby McTat

Tabby McTat

“Me, you and the old guitar,How perfectly, perfectly happy* we are.****MEEE-EW**** and the old guitar.How *PURRRR-fectly happy we are!”

Tabby McTat is a cat with the loudest of meee-ews and a best friend with a guitar. Together they sing their favourite songs delighting the crowds, until one day Fred disappears. Separated and alone, Tabby finds shelter and a new life with all the home comforts that any cat could dream of. However, memories of his life with Fred haunt him, and he sets off to search the streets for his long-lost friend.

From the team behind Stick Man, Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler’s*** Tabby McTat*** is a heart-warming tale of friendship and loyalty interwoven with original songs and a sprinkling of magic.

Fri 15 Nov


Sat 16 Nov


The Very Hungry Caterpillar Show

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Show
  • Written by: Eric Carle (book), Jonathan Rockefeller (adapt)

Based on Eric Carle's hand-painted books, Jonathan Rockefeller's family-friendly stage production uses a menagerie of 75 lovable puppets to faithfully bring to life the four stories: The Artist Who Painted A Blue Horse, Mister Seahorse, The Very Lonely Firefly and The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

Tue 1 Oct


Wed 2 Oct


The Lawrence Batley theatre, often known locally as LBT, was named after a cash and carry philanthropist. It has a varied arts programme as well as theatrical performances.

The venue includes the Queenie's cafe and a theatre bar.

The building was originally a Methodist chapel opened from 1819, and was only converted to an arts centre in 1973, but closed again in 1975 due to building problems, and then only re-opened in 1996, after a further renovation.

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