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Grassmarket Community Project

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86 Candlemaker Row, Edinburgh, EH1 2QA
  • Telephone 0131 225 3626
  • Opening times 8am–10pm
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Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the information displayed here is accurate, always check with the venue before attending (especially during the Covid-19 pandemic).

Albert Nobbs (2019)

Albert Nobbs (2019)

Dir: Rodrigo Garcia, 15, Uk / Ire, Drama, 113mins. A film adaptation of a stage play that established Glenn Close as a theatrical heavyweight back in 1982. This is the story of a woman who spends over 30 years living as the gentleman butler of a well-to-do 19th century Dublin hotel. Close takes on the title role as the quietly unassuming butler who is very conscious of his own privacy. The strength of this film lies very much in its performances with Close’s impressive turn being bested by Janet McTeer’s depiction of a domestic abuse survivor who has also found herself in a male identity. The film was co-written by Close and Irish novelist John Banville.

Wed 16 Dec

An American Werewolf in London (1981)

An American Werewolf in London (1981)

Halloween Horror Screening Halloween’s here and to bring in the season we have John Landis’s classic horror. Two American tourists in rural England are attacked by an unidentifiable beast. When one of them wakes up, he discovers that he has come away from the encounter with more than just scars. As a full moon approaches time is running out before he finds out the true nature of his affliction… With groundbreaking and grotesque make up effects, this film represents a lost art that now would be left almost entirely to CGI. Thank-fully it is here in all its glory, if you can handle it…

Wed 28 Oct

But I’m a Cheerleader (1999)

But I’m a Cheerleader (1999)

Dir: Jamie Babbit, 15, UK, Rom-Com, 92mins Years before Boy Erased (2018) or The Miseducation of Cameron Post (2018) came this dream like comedy tackling gay conversion therapy. Megan (Natashe Lyonne) is an all American cheerleader, who after an intervention from friends and family, is sent to “True Directions”, a conversion therapy camp, to ‘cure’ her homosexuality. However as she meets other young people like her and makes friends, Megan begins to understand that her identity isn’t some-thing that can, or should, be fixed. Jamie Babbit and Natasha Lyonne’s more recent success with Russian Doll (2019) comes 20 years after this this satire of heteronormativity, with the iconic Ru-Paul playing hilariously against type as “ex-gay” Mike.

Wed 9 Dec

The Great McGinty

The Great McGinty
  • 1940
  • US
  • 1h 22min
  • Directed by: Preston Sturges
  • Cast: Brian Donlevy, Muriel Angelus, Akim Tamiroff

Satire about barman who climbs the ladder of crooked politics.

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Wed 18 Nov


Military Wives

Military Wives
  • 2019
  • UK
  • 1h 50min
  • 12A
  • Directed by: Peter Cattaneo
  • Cast: Teresa Mahoney, Kristin Scott Thomas, Sharon Horgan

Kate (Scott Thomas) is a colonel’s wife who, when troops go to Afghanistan, teams up with Lisa (Horgan) to form a choir. Inspired by a true story, it tugs unashamedly at the heartstrings and an excellent ensemble plus a little grit ensure that it properly earns its tears.

Wed 11 Nov


Morvern Callar

Morvern Callar
  • 2002
  • UK / Canada
  • 1h 37min
  • 15
  • Directed by: Lynne Ramsay
  • Written by: Lynne Ramsay, Liana Dognini, Alan Warner (novel)
  • Cast: Samantha Morton, Kathleen McDermott

Small town hedonist and check-out girl Morvern Callar (Morton) awakes one morning to find her boyfriend has committed suicide. When she finds the finished manuscript of her boyfriend's novel she puts her name on it, sells it to a publisher and goes on holiday with her best friend Lanna (McDermott). Initially, the vacation is little more than a jaunt to Ibiza, but Callar soon finds her expectations of life change even as her friend remains devout to her shitheel life in a dead end town. Ramsay, co-screenwriter Liana Dognini and Morton have done a remarkable job of transposing this quirky, distant character and her awkward strange journey to the screen. In an age of saccharine and spice and all things predictable this is surprisingly brave cerebral filmmaking.

Wed 25 Nov


New Spanish Directors: David Pantaleón (IN PERSON)

New Spanish Directors. Take Two. Action! Our second Director In Focus is a very special one, bringing both Atlantic and Latin flavour to #NewSpanishDirectors, straight from the Canaries… Ladies and gentlemen, the great David Pantaleón!

We are proud to dedicate a Retrospective to the short films of David Pantaleón in collaboration with Marvin & Wayne Short Films and with the support of Screen Scotland, Acción Cultural Española (AC/E) and Instituto Cervantes London. A filmmaker with an indisputable personality whose work includes essential titles of the last two decades of Spanish cinema.

Catholic religion, Western civilisation, Spanish traditions, myths and modern politics, nothing escapes the irreverent, poignant and funny films of David Pantaleón. Films that will make you laugh at times and question your perspective on core aspects of our modern societies.


We will continue offering the poetic and politic act of showing films in person, following BFI guidelines for cine-clubs with strict safety measures in place. Cinema is a safe space. ★★ When? **Friday 30 October. Doors open 7.30pm, Films start 8pm. Where? Grassmarket Community Project EH1 2QA

Pre-book your tickets fast, very limited seats available!

** THE FILMS OF DAVID PANTALEON ★★ David Pantaleón's cinema is one of the purest and most magical gems of all current Spanish film panorama. Gem, not because it displays an imperishable beauty and cinematographic style typical of large productions, but because it is a small treasure hidden on the margins of Spanish cinema.

The Canaries sit in a privileged geographic spot, in between Western European culture and Latin American tradition. The cinema of David Pantaleón aka ‘Panta’ is a reflection of that melting pot. Witty, radical, provocative and necessary, Panta has over 30 short films and short pieces behind.

A director with a filmography built on *debunking the Spanish (and Western) civilisation with humor, form and provocation. *Stories that often question the worship of sacred and non-sacred Gods, and uncover the cultural realities of the Canaries - a mythical land rich on folklore and colourful traditions. An enfant terrible, David Pantaleón has forged himself as a director with an extensive production and in a self-taught way, winning awards in Oberhausen, Alcances, Chicago or Las Palmas and participating in festivals such as Rotterdam, Vila do Conde, La Rochelle, Hamburg or Leeds.

He is currently preparing what will be his first feature film, “Hombres de leche” (“Milkmen”). Before he becomes too famous, come and discover the films of David Pantaleón!

Fri 30 Oct


The Rhythm Section (2020)

The Rhythm Section (2020)

Dir: Reed Morano, 15, US / UK, Thriller, 109mins A film that has already disappeared without a trace, despite only being released earlier this year. We would ask you to consider why, as to our eyes this is a fascinating expansion of the film universe that the James Bond spy thrillers exist in. It features a powerfully physical performance from Blake Lively as Stephanie, a woman whose family has been killed in an airline crash. Having collapsed in to drug addiction and prostitution, she is visited by a journalist who claims the airline crash was an act of terrorism. Relating her recovery to unearthing the truth about her family Stephanie is animated by vengeance to find her family’s killers.

Wed 2 Dec

Tokyo Godfathers (2003)

Tokyo Godfathers (2003)

Dir: Satoshi Kon 15, Jap, Anime, 92mins Alternative Xmas Screening. Satoshi Kon’s Christmas nativity portrays individuals at the edge of society being brought together in a touching adventure between three homeless people in Tokyo: estranged alcoholic Gin, bereft transwoman Hana and teenage runaway Miyuki, who together find an abandoned baby on Christmas Eve. In their attempts to find out the providence of the child and reunite it with its parents the three find themselves involved in a series of events that take them to the heart of Tokyo’s underworld. With Subtitles.

Wed 23 Dec

Tully (2018)

Tully (2018)

Dir: Jason Reitman 15, US, Comedy / Drama, 96mins The third collaboration between director Jason Reitman and screen-writer Diablo Cody (Juno, Young Adult) Tully completes a trilogy that tackles growing up, motherhood, and the mental strain of both. Mar-lo (Charlize Theron) is a working class mother of two, heavily pregnant and barely coping with little support from her husband Drew (Ron Livingston). After the birth of her third child her more affluent brother Craig (Mark Duplass) offers to pay for a ‘night nanny’, some-one who comes to look after the baby whilst the parents sleep. Through her friendship with the enigmatic nanny, Tully (Mackenzie Davis), Marlo starts to find the support she needs.

Wed 4 Nov
Grassmarket Community Project

UK Community Cinema of the Year 2019, A bright modern award winning building in the centre of Edinburgh's historical old-town. State of the art performance spaces, highest quality in-situ audio visual equipment with fantastic acoustics and screening facilities. Disabled access to all floors, nice outdoor seating courtyard and cafe area. All the profits go towards the social enterprises work with Edinburgh's homeless and most marginalised.

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