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Book Launch And Performance By Evgenia Emets: Do We Have A Common Language?

Book Launch And Performance By Evgenia Emets: Do We Have A Common Language?

Celebrate the publication of the first book by Evgenia Emets, Do We Have a Common Language?.

Fri 16 Dec


Brewers Lectures - London

When The Brewers Journal launched last year, there were approximately 1,300 breweries in the UK. Now, less than a year on, that figure has grown to around 1,600, and it shows no sign of slowing down just yet.

The level of innovation and invention taking place across the sector is astounding, but these success stories do not take place overnight. The effort poured in to breweries to make them sustainable is surely rivalled by very few other industries.

Part of that journey is characterised by the drive to learn more about the craft of brewing, and the art of business. And one of the key reasons UK brewing remains on its upward trajectory has been the sharing of knowledge forged by the community and camaraderie that exists within the sector.

The Brewers Lectures are designed to complement this. To inform, educate and entertain.

Taking place at four venues from this December, the lectures will cover a diverse, but focused remit of ideas and subjects designed to help you improve the business of brewing.

The lectures programme will place the spotlight on the the core issues that impact a brewery, and also on less traditional topics, that might push you, your brewery and our industry in a new direction. Our first series will include a look at brand identity and brand building; going global: understanding export markets; online engagement; spotting trends; leadership: from employee to customer to industry; and the on-trade equation.

Confirmed speakers:

Csaba Babak Csaba Babak is the author of the critically-acclaimed new book, Beer Means Business, which takes a holistic view of the beer industry today. He has also held EU and global management roles in public policy and regulatory affairs. Csaba will discuss the key factors driving the beer market, the challenges and opportunities ahead, and the sustainability of different brewery business models.

Jonny Garrett Jonny Garrett is the founder of the incredibly popular Craft Beer Channel on YouTube. He also spends his time ensuring that UK drinkers have access to the world's best beers through his respected work at a leading distributor and supplier. Jonny argues that the rising tide floats all ships. Or does it?

Alicia Munoz An expert in hops and brewing, Alicia gained her PHD from the famous Weihen Stephan University in Germany, where she did her PHD in beer light-struck flavours. She is currently the company's technical support for Brewers in the UK and for Simply Hops customers across Europe she is also is one of their chief brewers in our pilot plant where we play with hops. Alicia will be discussing, and offering a practical approach to, hop aroma and the latest researches in this field.

Sophie de Ronde Sophie runs a 100L pilot plant for product development and part of her role at Munton Malt is to help customers troubleshoot and develop recipes, along with product development of brewing ingredients and homebrew products. Sophie has had IBD, beer specific training on top of a science BSc, and will be placing the spotlight on barley as a raw material.

Matt Curtis Join award winning beer writer and photographer Matthew Curtis for a discussion on why your brewery needs to invest in a camera and how great photography can better tell your businesses story and increase engagement with your customers.

Amaey Mundkur Amaey started home brewing in Australia in 2003 and after graduating with a BSc in genetics and evolutionary biology from The Pennsylvania State University, joined SABMiller as a technical trainee brewing. He moved to Edinburgh in 2013 to get his Masters in Brewing and Distilling where his Master's thesis work focused on management and quality for Natural Selection Brewing. He now focuses on the use of sensory to improve process and therefore produce higher quality beer, which he will be discussing in London this December. Amaey is a Certified Cicerone®, a member of the Master Brewers Association of the Americas, The Institute of Brewing and Distilling and the American Society of Brewing Chemists.

Further speakers to be announced.

Wed 7 Dec
Anatomy Lecture Theatre


Laura Bates: Girl Up

Leading journalist, author and founder of the Everyday Sexism blog, Laura Bates, speaks about gender inequality and her new book 'Girl Up'. 'Girl Up' will be available to buy and be signed by Laura Bates following the event. Speaker: Laura Bates, the Guardian; author of 'Everyday Sexism' (2014) and 'Girl Up' (2016) Free, please register online:

Thu 8 Dec


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