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Colwall Village Hall

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Village Hall Mill Lane, Malvern, Worcestershire, WR13 6EQ
  • Telephone 01684 540559

Hank Wangford, Brad Breath And Anna 'the Spanner' Robinson

Colwall Village Hall, Mill Lane WR13 6EQ doors 7.00pm, show 8.00pm HANK WANGFORD + BRAD BREATH + ANNA 'THE SPANNER' ROBINSON No Hall 2 Small tour Info 01684 540366

Illustrious country & western tales of love, harmony, small truths, lampshade confessions, whistling & prairie dust. Bronco busting and gut wrenching. One of the funniest rural touring shows on the planet.

Free car park, proper beer bar, flagpole & hitching post

'Misery and melody, raw emotion and open ribcages will continue to be our trademark whatever form we take.' Hank

If Daniel O'Donnell is the brightly scrubbed face of British country music then Hank Wangford is its guilty conscience, its dark and troubled grubby soul. Hank has picked at the miserable underbelly of country music for twenty eight years, inspiring others like Billy Bragg, The The, The Alabama Three and other musicians.

Sat 19 Nov


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