• 2004
  • Chile / Spain / France / UK
  • 2h
  • 15
  • Directed by: Andrés Wood
  • Written by: Roberto Brodsky,, Eliseo Altunaga,, Andrés Wood
  • Cast: Matías Quer,, Ariel Mateluna,, Manuela Martelli
  • Language: Spanish

Santiago, 1973 and Chile is about to lose its democracy. Socialist President Salvador Allende has been in power for three short years and the US is getting worried that it might have another renegade communist country on its doorstep. As Henry Kissinger is freeing up US cash and military to enable right wing General Pinochet to stage a coup, schoolboy Gonzalo Infante (Matías Quer) has troubles of his own. His mother is having an affair with some aged millionaire and he is the only one who knows about it, plus the posh school he goes to is peopled by snobs and bullies. Then one day Pedro Machuca (Mateluna), a boy from the slums, walks into his life. Installed in the school with a bunch of other ragged trousered gypos by the school's Marxist leaning priest and headmaster, Machuca and his sister Silvana (Manuella Martelli) quickly become Pedro's conscience, but history is soon to overtake them all. Warm, thought provoking social drama.

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