Knives Out

Knives Out
  • 2019
  • US
  • 2h 10min
  • 12A
  • Directed by: Rian Johnson
  • Cast: Daniel Craig, Chris Evans, Ana de Armas, Jamie Lee Curtis, Michael Shannon, Don Johnson, Toni Collette, Lakeith Stanfield, Katherine Langford, Jaeden Martell, Christopher Plummer
  • UK release: 27 November 2019

When mystery writer Harlan Thrombey (Plummer) is found with his throat slit, puffed-up private detective Benoit Blanc (Craig) gets on the case. A wickedly knowing, flamboyantly bitchy take on the whodunnit, with a great cast, bags of style and a splendidly outrageous comic turn from Craig. Bloody good fun.

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FeckenOdeon, Feckenham (0.0 miles)

Feckenham Village Hall, High Street, Feckenham, England, B96 6HN
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Sat 29 Jan


Hurst Village Cinema, Hurstpierpoint (0.0 miles)

147 High Street, Hurstpierpoint, West Sussex, BN6 9PU
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Sun 27 Feb


Milford on Sea Village Community Centre, Lymington (0.0 miles)

Sea Road, Lymington, Hampshire, SO41 0PH
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Thu 24 Feb


Ravensthorpe & Coton Village Hall, Northampton (0.0 miles)

High Street, Northampton, NN6 8EH
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Tue 21 Dec


Knives Out (12A)

Acclaimed writer and director Rian Johnson pays tribute to mystery mastermind Agatha Christie in a fun, modern-day murder mystery where everyone is a suspect.

When renowned crime novelist Harlan Thrombey is found dead at his estate just after his 85th birthday, the inquisitive and debonair Detective Benoit Blanc is mysteriously enlisted to investigate.

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Reviews & features

Jamie Lee Curtis didn't 'understand' Knives Out

17 Oct 2021

Film gossip

Jamie Lee Curtis didn’t “understand” ‘Knives Out’. The veteran actress portrayed Linda, the writer of murdered writer Harlan (Christopher Plummer) in Rian Johnson’s 2019 whodunit, and although she got to grips with what was expected of her within the…

Ana de Armas nearly turned down breakthrough Knives Out role

5 Oct 2020

Film gossip

Ana de Armas almost turned down her breakthrough role in 'Knives Out'. The 32-year-old actress has admitted she almost decided against portraying nurse Marta Cabrera in Rian Johnson's 2019 Whodunnit, because the description for her character of "Latina…

Rian Johnson shares entire Knives Out draft script online

24 Mar 2020

Film gossip

Rian Johnson has posted the entire shooting script for 'Knives Out' online. The whodunnit movie's helmer has been uploading some of his movie's draft screenplays onto his website for everyone to read for free, but he won't be sharing any of his sci-fi…

Chris Evans begged for Knives Out role

2 Mar 2020

Film gossip

Chris Evans begged Rian Johnson for a role in 'Knives Out'. The 'Captain America' star plays Hugh Ransom Drysdale in the murder mystery and revealed that he was desperate for the role as he asked the filmmaker about appearing in the flick. Speaking on a…

Daniel Craig almost didn't star in Knives Out

29 Feb 2020

Film gossip

Daniel Craig almost didn't star in 'Knives Out'. While the sequel to the movie will focus on 51-year-old Daniel's character, detective Benoit Blanc, director Rian Johnson has admitted that Daniel almost didn't even make it into the original movie.

Rian Johnson: I need to write Knives Out 2 script immediately

10 Feb 2020

Film gossip

Rian Johnson joked he might have to write part of the 'Knives Out' sequel during the Academy Awards ceremony because he needs to pen the script "immediately". The second film in the franchise was officially given the green light last week, and Johnson…

Knives Out 2 won't be a direct sequel

9 Feb 2020

Film gossip

'Knives Out 2' won't be a direct sequel, but will star Daniel Craig. The 51-year-old actor starred as Benoit Blanc in the 2019 mystery movie, and after the production got the green light for a sequel, director and writer Rian Johnson has said the second…

Knives Out sequel officially in the works

7 Feb 2020

Film gossip

A 'Knives Out' sequel is officially in the works. Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer confirmed during the studio's quarterly earnings call that a second film in the franchise has received the go ahead, following the success of the Daniel Craig-led first film.

Daniel Craig would jump at chance to do Knives Out sequel

22 Jan 2020

Film gossip

Daniel Craig would be "over the moon" to return for the 'Knives Out' sequel. Writer-and-director Rian Johnson recently revealed he's already coming up with ideas for another instalment, with a hope to turn the whodunit blockbuster into a franchise for…

A Knives Out sequel is in the works

6 Jan 2020

Film gossip

A 'Knives Out' sequel is in the works based on Daniel Craig's detective alter-ego Benoit Blanc. Writer-and-director Rian Johnson has revealed he's already coming up with ideas for another instalment, with a hope to turn the whodunit blockbuster into a…

Rian Johnson reveals creative process behind Knives Out

3 Jan 2020

Film gossip

Rian Johnson didn't watch or read any murder mysteries before writing and directing 'Knives Out'. The 46-year-old filmmaker's whodunnit, which stars Daniel Craig as private detective Benoit Blanc, has been a critical and commercial success and Rian has…

Rian Johnson initially thought Ana de Armas was 'totally wrong' for Knives Out

2 Jan 2020

Film gossip

Rian Johnson initially thought Ana de Armas was "totally wrong" for 'Knives' Out'. The film's director had his doubts about casting the 31-year-old star in the murder mystery movie after Googling her and seeing some of her "glamour shots", but he soon…

Rian Johnson explains why Knives Out needed all-star cast

9 Dec 2019

Film gossip

Rian Johnson needed 'Knives Out' to have big names to replicate the 'whodunit' movies he grew up watching. The 45-year-old filmmaker explained how movies like 'Murder on the Orient Express' would feel like an "event" when they hit the big screen, and he…

Rian Johnson loved speed of 'Knives Out' filming

8 Dec 2019

Film gossip

Rian Johnson loved how "fast" it was to film 'Knives Out' compared to 'Star Wars'. The filmmaker had just finished working on 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' when he moved onto the modern murder mystery movie and admitted it was really interesting to go from…

Daniel Craig: Knives Out is 'delicious'

1 Dec 2019

Film gossip

Daniel Craig says the script for 'Knives Out' was "delicious". The 51-year-old actor stars as Detective Benoit Blanc in the mystery movie – which was written, produced, and directed by Rian Johnson – and has said that he didn't focus on trying to piece…

Jamie Lee Curtis warns those who spoil Knives Out

29 Nov 2019

Film gossip

Jamie Lee Curtis has sent a warning those who spoil the ending of 'Knives Out'. The 'Halloween' star is worried that viewers will reveal the twists and turns of the murder mystery film to those who are yet to see it, and has promised to "come for…

Rian Johnson: Daniel Craig is 'actor bait'

29 Nov 2019

Film gossip

Rian Johnson thinks Daniel Craig is "actor bait". The 45-year-old filmmaker was delighted when the 'James Bond' star was the first to sign up for his murder mystery 'Knives Out' because having his name attached quickly persuaded the rest of the…

Rian Johnson wants a Knives Out sequel

20 Nov 2019

Film gossip

Rian Johnson wants to work with Daniel Craig on a 'Knives Out' sequel. The murder mystery film – in which the 'James Bond' star plays a detective sent to investigate the murder of a renowned crime novelist – is yet to be released, but the writer and…

Rian Johnson: 'Even though there haven't been many recently, it's odd how much affection there is for the genre'

15 Nov 2019

Knives Out director chats about his love of the murder-mystery genre, the challenge of making it contemporary and his next foray into that galaxy far, far away

Just five films into his career, Rian Johnson has been on a remarkable trajectory. Even before he rattled Star Wars fans with 2017's divisive The Last Jedi, he'd regularly toyed with audience expectations. Subverting the film noir (2005's…

Rian Johnson wants to become new Agatha Christie

9 Oct 2019

Film gossip

Rian Johnson wants to make several sequels to his 'Knives Out' movie and become the Agatha Christie of whodunnit films. The 45-year-old director had so much fun writing and making his murder mystery film, which is centred around Daniel Craig's character…

Knives Out

7 Oct 20194 stars

LFF 2019: Rian Johnson has a ball mounting a star-studded whodunnit

Helming a billion-dollar Star Wars movie buys you a hell of a lot of brownie points, but if this is Rian Johnson indulging himself artistically he's at least had the decency to make it bloody good fun. With Knives Out he assembles a high-calibre cast…

Chris Evans enjoyed playing someone 'a little more vile' in Knives Out

9 Sep 2019

Film gossip

Chris Evans enjoyed playing someone "a little more vile" in 'Knives Out'. The 38-year-old actor has gone from playing Marvel superhero Captain America to the less-forgiving Ransom Drysdale in Rian Johnson's upcoming murder mystery and he has admitted it…

Katherine Langford joins Knives Out

12 Nov 2018

Film gossip

Katherine Langford has joined the cast of 'Knives Out'. The '13 Reasons Why' is among a host of new additions, including Riki Lindhome, Raúl Castillo and Edi Patteron, to Rian Johnson's star-studded murder mystery, joining the likes of Daniel Craig, who…

Don Johnson cast alongside Daniel Craig in Knives Out

22 Oct 2018

Film gossip

Don Johnson has been cast alongside Daniel Craig in 'Knives Out'. The 68-year-old actor has been added to the supporting cast for the Rian Johnson-directed movie, which will see Daniel star in the lead role, according to Deadline. The upcoming film has…

Lakeith Stanfield joins Knives Out

10 Oct 2018

Film gossip

Lakeith Stanfield has joined the cast of 'Knives Out'. The 'Get Out' star will star alongside Daniel Craig, Michael Shannon and Chris Evans in the upcoming murder mystery film directed by Rian Johnson – who is teaming up with his regular producing…

Chris Evans joins Knives Out

5 Oct 2018

Film gossip

Chris Evans has joined the cast of 'Knives Out'. The 'Captain America' star will join Daniel Craig in the upcoming murder mystery, which writer Rian Johnson will also direct. Details of the movie have so far been kept under wraps, but Media Rights…

Daniel Craig joins Rian Johnson's new film

5 Sep 2018

Film gossip

Daniel Craig has joined the cast of Rian Johnson's new film - sparking speculation 'Bond 25' may be delayed. The 50-year-old actor has signed up to appear in 'Knives Out', a 'Poirot'-style murder mystery which has been penned by Johnson and his…

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