The Plan That Came From the Bottom Up

The Plan That Came From the Bottom Up
  • 2018
  • Portugal & UK
  • 3h 32min
  • Directed by: Steve Sprung

Steve Sprung's documentary explores economic changes from the last 40 decades.

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40 years ago a group of skilled engineers, when threatened with redundancy, responded with an ambitious plan to make better use of their talents. Designing what they called socially useful and environmentally sustainable alternatives to replace the military products their company made.

Alongside archive material from the period, as well as contemporary footage of our environmentally damaged and war torn present, THE PLAN that came from the bottom up tells the story of how the Lucas Aerospace workers developed their plan - including wind turbines, a hybrid car, heat pumps and energy efficient housing - and their reflections on its broader social and environmental implications. It’s a story that fills the void of 40 years lost to the idea of society being subordinate to so-called free markets. The re-discovery of an inspiring and pioneering plan that still offers much to our time.

‘With climate injustice fanning the flames of inequality all around the world, the most urgent question we face is how we transform our destructive economic model towards one that is good for people and the planet. This film needs to be watched and shared – for it will inspire, educate and transform what we think is possible.’ – Asad Rehman

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