Plastic China

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Part of our Filmhub Scotland supported Climate Conversations programme. Run time: 1hr 22mins Director: Wang JiuliangThrough the rolling hills of plastic waste can be heard the faint rustle and laughter of children scurrying and playing. The smiles that break across their grubby faces belie a bleak existence for the families that scrape by sorting plastic waste. Following Pen and his daughter Yi Jie, under the watchful eye of boss Kun, this film shows the lives of those harmed most by severe social inequality.As the worlds biggest plastic waste importer, by 2016 China was receiving ten million tons per year from most of the developed countries around the world. With high external costs impacting the local environment and health, these imports are reborn here in these plastic workshops into recycled raw materials for the appetite of China the world factory. This waste is then exported back to where it came from with a new face - manufactured clothing or toys. Plastic Chinas main character Yi-Jie is an unschooled 11-year-old girl whose family works and lives in a typical plastic waste household-recycling workshop. As much as her life is poor and distorted, shes a truly global child who learns about the outside world from the waste workshop that her family lives and works in.Wang Jiuliang is considered the first independent documentary filmmaker who uses camera to raise environmental awareness in China.The screening will be followed by a discussion on plastics and sustainability,

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