• 2006
  • Ireland
  • 1h 30min
  • 18
  • Directed by: Paddy Breathnach
  • Written by: Pearse Elliott
  • Cast: Lindsey Haun, Jack Huston, Max Kasch, Maya Hazen, Alice Greczyn, Don Wycherley, Sean McGinley, Robert Hoffman
  • Website:

Lazy, unoriginal horror about a bunch of clean-cut US teens who come to Ireland to drop magic mushrooms. With some random inbred yokels providing the only local colour, Breathnach's film never takes advantage of its Irish setting, and as deaths are largely told through drugged up flashbacks or mushie-induced premonitions, there's not even any decent gore to save it.

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15 Nov 20072 stars

(18) 84min Paddy I Went Down Breathnach’s ‘kids in the woods’ horror movie digs the rich genre furrow that runs from Evil Dead through Blair Witch Project to Wrong Turn. But here’s the twist – everyone’s off their faces, tripping on magic mushrooms. A…

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