Knives Out 2

  • 2022
  • Directed by: Rian Johnson
  • Cast: Daniel Craig, Dave Bautista, Kathryn Hahn, Edward Norton, Janelle Monáe, Leslie Odom Jr., Kate Hudson, Madelyn Cline

Sequel to the hit crime film. The next adventure for detective Benoit Blanc is being filmed in Greece so we're hoping for an Evil Under the Sun feel.

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Knives Out 2 will be very different, says Daniel Craig

11 Oct 2021

Film gossip

Daniel Craig thinks 'Knives Out 2' will be "very different" from the original. The 53-year-old actor starred as Benoit Blanc, a private detective, in the 2019 mystery film – but he admits the new film will be markedly different to the original. Daniel…

Daniel Craig sees long future for Knives Out

27 Sep 2021

Film gossip

Daniel Craig can see a long future for the 'Knives Out' franchise. The 'James Bond' actor is set to return as Detective Benoit Blanc in two sequels to Rian Johnson's 2019 whodunnit after Netflix agreed a big-money deal for the rights and hinted that he…

Madelyn Cline says shooting Knives Out 2 has been 'mind-blowing'

30 Aug 2021

Film gossip

Madelyn Cline admits shooting 'Knives Out 2' has been a "mind-blowing" experience. The 23-year-old actress stars in the upcoming mystery film alongside the likes of Daniel Craig, Dave Bautista, Edward Norton, Janelle Monae, and Jada Pinkett Smith, and…

Dave Bautista: Knives Out 2 will be better than original

5 Aug 2021

Film gossip

Dave Bautista has predicted that 'Knives Out 2' will be even better than the original. The 52-year-old actor will star in Rian Johnson's murder mystery sequel and has suggested that the Netflix movie will raise the bar with its "colourful" characters…

Jessica Henwick boards Knives Out 2

15 Jun 2021

Film gossip

Jessica Henwick has joined the cast of 'Knives Out 2'. According to Deadline, the 'Game of Thrones' star is the latest cast member to board the sequel to Rian Johnson's 2019 whodunnit. The British actress will star alongside Daniel Craig in an…

Madelyn Cline joins Knives Out 2

9 Jun 2021

Film gossip

Madelyn Cline has joined the cast of 'Knives Out 2'. The 23-year-old actress is attached to appear alongside Daniel Craig in the murder mystery sequel that is in development at Netflix. Madelyn joins stars such as Dave Bautista, Kate Hudson, Leslie Odom…

Knives Out 2 ups the ante, spills Leslie Odom Jr.

25 May 2021

Film gossip

Leslie Odom Jr. says that director Rian Johnson wants to "up the ante" with 'Knives Out 2'. The 39-year-old actor has been cast in the murder mystery sequel and hinted that the new flick will be even more "exciting" than the original, which proved to be…

Kate Hudson joins Knives Out 2

20 May 2021

Film gossip

Kate Hudson has joined the cast of ‘Knives Out 2’. The 42-year-old actress has joined the cast of the second ‘Knives Out’ film, which is set to air on Netflix as a sequel to the 2019 movie. Kate will join fellow franchise newcomers including Leslie Odom…

Leslie Odom Jr joins Knives Out 2 cast

19 May 2021

Film gossip

Leslie Odom Jr. has been cast in 'Knives Out 2'. The 'One Night In Miami' actor – who recently earned an Oscar nomination for his role as Sam Cooke in Regina King's drama – is said to be the latest star to sign up for the highly anticipated sequel.

Edward Norton joins Knives Out sequel

12 May 2021

Film gossip

Edward Norton has joined the 'Knives Out' sequel. The 51-year-old 'Fight Club' star is the latest cast member to be attached to the follow-up to Rian Johnson's 2019 whodunnit, which will once again see Daniel Craig reprise his role as detective Benoit…

Dave Bautista joins Knives Out sequel

11 May 2021

Film gossip

Dave Bautista has joined the 'Knives Out' sequel. The 52-year-old star looks set to appear alongside Daniel Craig – who will reprise his role as detective Benoit Blanc – in the forthcoming film, sources have told Deadline. Rian Johnson will write and…

Jamie Lee Curtis won't return for Knives Out sequel

3 Apr 2021

Film gossip

The Thrombey family won't appear in the 'Knives Out' sequels. Following the announcement that Netflix will finance two follow-up movies to the 2019 film, Jamie Lee Curtis has revealed that her on-screen alter-ego Lynda Drysdale, the daughter of wealthy…

Netflix to finance 2 Knives Out sequels

1 Apr 2021

Film gossip

Netflix is reportedly set to finance two 'Knives Out' sequels. Director Rian Johnson previously teased the second film in 2019, when the first motion picture was released, and now, Deadline reports that the streaming giant beat Apple and Amazon to buy…

Netflix buys sequel to Knives Out

31 Mar 2021

Film gossip

Netflix has bought the rights to produce a sequel to ‘Knives Out’. The 2019 murder mystery movie starred the likes of Daniel Craig, Chris Evans, and Ana de Armas, and it has now been confirmed a sequel to the hit film will be coming to Netflix after the…

Noah Segan hints that he could return for Knives Out 2

21 Aug 2020

Film gossip

Noah Segan has hinted that he could appear in 'Knives Out 2'. The 36-year-old actor played Trooper Wagner, a policeman who assists Daniel Craig's sleuth Benoit Blanc, in Rian Johnson's murder mystery movie and Noah has suggested that his frequent…

Rian Johnson: I need to write Knives Out 2 script immediately

10 Feb 2020

Film gossip

Rian Johnson joked he might have to write part of the 'Knives Out' sequel during the Academy Awards ceremony because he needs to pen the script "immediately". The second film in the franchise was officially given the green light last week, and Johnson…

Knives Out 2 won't be a direct sequel

9 Feb 2020

Film gossip

'Knives Out 2' won't be a direct sequel, but will star Daniel Craig. The 51-year-old actor starred as Benoit Blanc in the 2019 mystery movie, and after the production got the green light for a sequel, director and writer Rian Johnson has said the second…

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