7 Days in Havana (7 días en La Habana)

7 Days in Havana (7 días en La Habana)
  • 2012
  • France, Spain
  • 2h 8min
  • 15
  • Directed by: Benicio Del Toro, Pablo Trapero, Julio Medem, Elia Suleiman, Gaspar Noé, Juan Carlos Tabío, Laurent Cantet
  • Cast: Josh Hutcherson, Daniel Brühl, Emir Kusturica, Elia Suleiman, Vladimir Cruz, Mirta Ibarra, Jorge Perugorria
  • Language: Spanish
  • UK release: 6 July 2012

Seven tragicomic short films by seven international directors sketching contemporary life in Havana, all of them written by Cuban novelist Leonardo Padura Fuentes. Inevitably, some are better than others but together they're a rich, vivid and non-stereotypical portrait of the Cuban capital.

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7 Days in Havana (7 días en La Habana)

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Gaspar Noe on 7 Days in Havana - interview

25 Jun 2012

The French provocateur is one of seven directors contributing to the film

One of the highlights of this year’s Edinburgh International Film Festival, 7 Days In Havana, is an anthology movie set around the Cuban capital, inspired by the likes of Paris je t’aime and New York, I Love You. As the title suggests, seven filmmakers…

7 Days in Havana

14 Jun 20123 stars

Seven short films presenting a rich, vivid and pointedly non-stereotypical view of Cuba

This Spanish-language portmanteau film paints a picture of contemporary life in the Cuban capital through seven tragic-comic short films which unfold over the course of one week. All of the segments are written by the Cuban novelist Leonardo Padura…

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