Avatar 2

  • 2017
  • US
  • Directed by: James Cameron
  • Cast: Zoe Saldana, Sam Worthington, Sigourney Weaver

The first in a series of three four planned sequels to the highest grossing film of all time. The oceans of alien planet Pandora are the setting for the continued romance between human Jake and alien being Neytiri.

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Avatar to get four sequels

15 Apr 2016

Film gossip

'Avatar' is set to get four sequels by 2023. Filmmaker James Cameron had initially planned to create three more flicks following the success of the first in 2009, but has now decided to add another to the mix because he felt the storyline was too…

Avatar 2 won't be ready for Christmas 2017

22 Jan 2016

Film gossip

James Cameron's 'Avatar 2' won't be ready for Christmas 2017. The long-awaited sequel to 'Avatar' was due to take on 'Star Wars: Episode VIII' for a Christmas box office battle next year, but now industry insiders have revealed that the film has been…

Avatar 2 for Christmas 2017 release

23 Dec 2015

Film gossip

'Avatar 2' is set for a Christmas 2017 release date. The director has confirmed that his eagerly anticipated follow-up to 2009's 'Avatar' has a tentative release date but right now his main concern is completing them. He told the Montreal…

James Cameron's Avatar update

14 Dec 2015

Film gossip

James Cameron is "just refining" the scripts for the 'Avatar' sequels. The director of the highly-anticipated films, which are expected to start hitting cinemas in 2017, has revealed he is close to finishing the script and design process for the…

Avatar sequels could feature cutting-edge 3D technology

16 Sep 2014

Film gossip

The 'Avatar' sequels could use Douglas Trumbull's new system for 4K 3D at 120 frames per second. Trumbull has confirmed the news in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, in which he revealed that James Cameron - who wrote and directed the…

Zoe Saldana: Avatar sequels will take 8-9 months

25 Jul 2014

Film gossip

Zoe Saldana says she'll be working on the 'Avatar' sequels for "at least eight or nine months". The 'Colombiana' actress - who is pregnant with twins with her husband Marco Perego - has revealed that the upcoming follow-ups to the 2009 blockbuster…

Sigourney Weaver signs up for Avatar sequels

10 Jun 2014

Film gossip

Sigourney Weaver has signed up for the three 'Avatar' sequels. The 64-year-old actress is set to reunite with director James Cameron on his follow-up movies to the 2009 blockbuster, which became the highest grossing movie of all time. However, it…

Avatar: Three sequels filmed in New Zealand

16 Dec 2013

Film gossip

James Cameron will shoot three sequels to sci-fi blockbuster 'Avatar' in New Zealand. The 'Titanic' director announced the filming plans alongside New Zealand's Prime Minister John Key in Wellington today (16.12.13). The films, which will be…

Stephen Lang will return for 'Avatar' sequel

23 Oct 2013

Film gossip

Stephen Lang is to return for the 'Avatar' sequel. The 61-year-old actor's character Colonel Miles Quaritch was killed when Zoe Saldana's alter ego Neytiri shot him twice through the chest with her father's bow in the 2009 hit film, however director…

Arnold Schwarzenegger turns villain for Avatar 2

17 Sep 2013

Film gossip

Arnold Schwarzenegger is reportedly set to play the villain in 'Avatar 2'. The veteran action star has landed the role of the "bad guy human general" in James Cameron's hugely-awaited fantasy follow-up, Latino-Review.com is claiming. This would…

Avatar sequel to be set underwater

8 Apr 2013

Film gossip

The 'Avatar' sequel will feature underwater scenes. The follow-up to James Cameron's 2009 epic fantasy adventure is going to be partly set in planet Pandora's deep oceans in a bid to make the film even more visually arresting, according to producer…

James Cameron working on Avatar 2

30 Nov 2012

Film gossip

James Cameron will begin filming 'Avatar 2' next year. The Oscar-winning director has revealed he is working on the scripts for the second movie in the franchise, as well as the third, and wants to start shooting 'Avatar 2' by the end of 2013. He…

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