Darkest Hour

Darkest Hour
  • 2017
  • UK
  • 1h 54min
  • PG
  • Directed by: Joe Wright
  • Cast: Gary Oldman, Kristin Scott Thomas, Ben Mendlesohn, Ronald Pickup
  • UK release: 12 January 2018

May 1940: the situation in Europe is worsening, and Britain needs a new prime minister. The latest in a very long line of recent Churchill performances is by far the best: Oldman is virtually unrecognisable and attacks the part with relish, with Scott Thomas excellent as his wife Clemmie. It may veer into hero worship but it’s a confidently handled crowdpleaser.

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Gary Oldman quotes Winston Churchill in Globes acceptance speech

8 Jan 2018

Film gossip

Gary Oldman quoted Sir Winston Churchill during his acceptance speech at the Golden Globes on Sunday (07.01.18). The 59-year-old actor portrays the wartime British Prime Minister in 'The Darkest Hour' and Oldman won his first ever Golden Globes award…

Gary Oldman learned about Winston Churchill after sitting in his chair

3 Jan 2018

Film gossip

Gary Oldman learned about Winston Churchill's "psychology" after sitting in the heroic British Prime Minister's chair. The 59-year-old actor stars as the UK's World War II leader in new movie 'The Darkest Hour' - helmed by Joe Wright - and while…

Anthony McCarten: Gary Oldman's gives defining performance in Darkest Hour

12 Dec 2017

Film gossip

Anthony McCarten thinks Gary Oldman took his portrayal of Winston Churchill to a "whole new level" and his work on 'Darkest Hour' is the "performance of his lifetime". The 56-year-old screenwriter wrote the new Joe Wright movie - which follows the hero…

Gary Oldman was worried about Winston Churchill weight gain for Darkest Hour

12 Dec 2017

Film gossip

Gary Oldman doubted he could play Winston Churchill in 'Darkest Hour' - because he was worried about having to gain a lot of weight. The 59-year-old film legend stars as the heroic British Prime Minister, the man who guided Great Britain and its allies…

Gary Oldman got nicotine poisoning on Darkest Hour

20 Sep 2017

Film gossip

Gary Oldman got nicotine poisoning on the set of his upcoming movie 'Darkest Hour' because he had to have a cigar all the time to portray British World War II Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill. The 59-year-old actor portrays the leader in the new…

Darkest Hour

18 Sep 20174 stars

TIFF 2017: Gary Oldman puts all the other Churchills in the shade in the latest biopic of the iconic PM

Is there an appropriate noun for a collection of Winston Churchill performances? A growl of Churchills perhaps? Gary Oldman's stirring tour de force comes at the end of a very long line of recent contenders, from Brian Cox to John Lithgow and Michael…

Gary Oldman's strong Churchill look

1 Sep 2017

Film gossip

Gary Oldman looked too much like Winston Churchill during his 'Darkest Hour' preparations. The 59-year-old actor spent a long period of time working with a make-up designer and prosthetic designer Kazhuro Tsuji to transform him into the late UK Prime…

Gary Oldman's lengthy transformation into Churchill

30 Mar 2017

Film gossip

Gary Oldman spent a staggering 200 hours in make-up to be transformed into Sir Winston Churchill. The 59-year-old actor underwent a stunning transformation to play the iconic late former Prime Minister in 'Darkest Hour', and as well as lengthy sessions…

Lily James had typing lessons

31 Dec 2016

Film gossip

Lily James has had to learn to touch type on a typewriter for her role in 'Darkest Hour'. The 27-year-old actress spent months preparing to play Winston Churchill's secretary in Joe Wright's wartime drama opposite Gary Oldman as the legendary Prime…

Gary Oldman to play Sir Winston Churchill in Darkest Hour

15 Apr 2016

Film gossip

Gary Oldman is in talks to play Sir Winston Churchill. The 58-year-old actor is being lined up for the lead role in director Joe Wright's 'Darkest Hour', which will focus on Churchill becoming British Prime Minister in 1940, less than one year into…

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