Jeremy Hardy vs The Israeli Army

Jeremy Hardy vs The Israeli Army
  • 2003
  • UK / Palestine
  • 15
  • Directed by: Leila Sansour
  • Cast: Jeremy Hardy

You'd have hoped this would turn out to be a British answer to Bowling to Columbine. Give one of the country's funniest and most righteous comedians a video camera, send him to Tel Aviv and on to the occupied territories and watch him deliver a scathing attack on the Israeli presence in Palestine with wit and political insight. It kind of works out like that, but Hardy is no Michael Moore. His ambitions with this documentary were far more modest. Rather than trying to present a well-rounded study of the conflict, his film seeks only to be an agitprop vehicle to drum up support for the International Solidarity Movement, a loose body of peaceniks with a mission to interrupt Israeli military action with non-violent action. Hardy makes little use of his comedic skills, preferring to present an honest portrayal of his own fears, prejudices and anger in the face of a terrible, dangerous and unjust war. Not a great piece of cinema, in other words, but a poignant and still pertinent record.

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