Wonder Woman 1984

Wonder Woman 1984
  • 2020
  • Directed by: Patty Jenkins
  • Cast: Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Kristin Wiig, Pedro Pascal
  • UK release: 14 August 2020

Superhero sequel.

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Chris Pine says he'll be like Dr. Watson in Wonder Woman 1984

13 Feb 2020

Film gossip

Chris Pine plays a Dr. Watson-like role in 'Wonder Woman 1984'. The 39-year-old actor is returning to the franchise despite the death of his character in 2017's 'Wonder Woman', and Chris has now explained how he fits into the upcoming movie…

Wonder Woman 1984 is 'done'

22 Dec 2019

Film gossip

'Wonder Woman 1984' is already "done", according to Patty Jenkins. The 48-year-old director has confirmed that the movie – which stars Gal Gadot as the iconic superhero – is "technically done" and that she's now in the process of "fiddling" with the…

Gal Gadot explains why Wonder Woman won't have weapons in the sequel

12 Dec 2019

Film gossip

Gal Gadot has explained why 'Wonder Woman' will not carry weapons in the upcoming sequel. The DC Comics character carried a sword in the first blockbuster but in 'Wonder Woman 1984' she is seen fighting with her Lasso of Truth, Magical Bracelets and…

Pedro Pascal to play Maxwell Lord in Wonder Woman 1984

25 Oct 2019

Film gossip

Pedro Pascal will play the villain in the upcoming 'Wonder Woman 1984'. The 'Kingsman: The Golden Circle' star will play Maxwell Lord, who has battled against 'Wonder Woman' in the comic books, with the film's director, Patty Jenkins, confirming the…

Wonder Woman 1984 'isn't a sequel'

17 Mar 2019

Film gossip

The makers of 'Wonder Woman 1984' don't consider the upcoming movie to be a sequel. The much-anticipated film follows 2017's 'Wonder Woman' – which stars Gal Gadot as the titular character – and veteran producer Charles Roven has explained how the…

Wonder Woman 3 will be a contemporary story, says Patty Jenkins

28 Jan 2019

Film gossip

Patty Jenkins has confirmed that 'Wonder Woman 3' will be a contemporary story. The 47-year-old director – who helmed 2017's 'Wonder Woman' and the upcoming 'Wonder Woman 1984' – has revealed that the third movie in the money-spinning franchise is…

Patty Jenkins has 'clear plans' for Wonder Woman 3

25 Jan 2019

Film gossip

Patty Jenkins has "pretty clear plans" for 'Wonder Woman 3'. The 47-year-old director – who helmed 2017's 'Wonder Woman' and the upcoming 'Wonder Woman 1984' – isn't sure whether she'll return to the role for the third film in the money-spinning…

Chris Pine's Wonder Woman return makes 'perfect sense'

23 Jan 2019

Film gossip

Chris Pine's return in the 'Wonder Woman' sequel "makes perfect sense", according to the film's director Patty Jenkins. The 47-year-old filmmaker announced last year that Chris, 38, would be reprising his role as American fighter pilot Steve Trevor…

Gal Gadot hails 'unique and special' Wonder Woman 1984

24 Dec 2018

Film gossip

Gal Gadot thinks shooting 'Wonder Woman 1984' was "even more unique and special" than the first movie. The 33-year-old actress has reprised the role of the iconic action star for the much-anticipated sequel to 2017's 'Wonder Woman', and Gal has…

Wonder Woman 1984 delayed until 2020

23 Oct 2018

Film gossip

'Wonder Woman 1984' has had its release date pushed back. The much-anticipated new movie – which will see Gal Gadot reprise the role of Wonder Woman – was originally slated for release in November 2019, but it's now been moved until June 5…

Pedro Pascal to play Maxwell Lord

27 Sep 2018

Film gossip

Pedro Pascal will reportedly play Maxwell Lord in 'Wonder Woman 1984'. It was announced at the beginning of the year that the 43-year-old actor had landed a role in the highly anticipated sequel to the hit Patty Jenkins movie but, at the time, it…

Hans Zimmer to score Wonder Woman 1984

23 Aug 2018

Film gossip

Hans Zimmer is set to score 'Wonder Woman 1984'. The 60-year-old composer - who has previously been responsible for scoring 'Gladiator', 'Inception' and 'The Dark Knight' trilogy - is returning to work with DC on the much-anticipated 'Wonder Woman…

Natasha Rothwell cast in Wonder Woman 1984

25 Jul 2018

Film gossip

Natasha Rothwell has been cast in 'Wonder Woman 1984'. The 37-year-old actress - who previously starred in the the 20th Century Fox movie 'Love, Simon' - has been handed an unspecified role in the Patty Jenkins-directed film, which is set for…

Wonder Woman 1984 starts filming

13 Jun 2018

Film gossip

'Wonder Woman 1984' has begun filming. The sequel to the immensely popular DC Extended Universe (DCEU) superhero movie 'Wonder Woman' is set to hit theatres in November next year, and on Wednesday (13.06.18) camera's began rolling on the hotly…

Patty Jenkins teases Wonder Woman 2 setting

3 Jun 2018

Film gossip

Patty Jenkins and Geoff Johns have teased the setting for 'Wonder Woman 2'. The 46-year-old director - who directed the first 'Wonder Woman' movie which was released in 2017 - and the DC Entertainment president have both taken to social media to…

Lynda Carter to make cameo appearance in Wonder Woman 2?

19 Apr 2018

Film gossip

Lynda Carter is in talks to star in 'Wonder Woman 2'. The 66-year-old actress - who starred as the iconic superhero character in the 'Wonder Woman' TV series - has revealed she has had discussions about making a cameo in the new movie, but Lynda…

Pedro Pascal lands role in Wonder Woman 2

29 Mar 2018

Film gossip

Pedro Pascal cannot believe he has landed a role in 'Wonder Woman 2'. The 42-year-old 'Game of Thrones' has been announced to be joining the DC Extended Universe as an unknown role in the highly anticipated sequel to the hit Patty Jenkins movie…

Patty Jenkins says Wonder Woman 2 will be totally different

3 Jan 2018

Film gossip

Patty Jenkins said 'Wonder Woman 2' will be "totally different" from the first movie. The 46-year-old filmmaker helmed the hit blockbuster - which stars actress Gal Gadot as the titular superhero - last year and following months of negotiations…

Sarah Paulson wants to play Cheetah in Wonder Woman

27 Dec 2017

Film gossip

Sarah Paulson wants to play 'Wonder Woman' villain Cheetah in the film's sequel. The 'American Horror Story' actress has called up on the director of the movie, Patty Jenkins, to cast her as the female superhero's arch-enemy in the fifth instalment…

Brett Ratner won't be involved with Wonder Woman 2, says Gal Gadot

16 Nov 2017

Film gossip

Gal Gadot has confirmed Brett Ratner won't be involved with 'Wonder Woman 2'. The 32-year-old actress is poised to reprise the central role in the much-anticipated sequel, but she's revealed that the Hollywood producer - who has been accused of…

Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman ultimatum

12 Nov 2017

Film gossip

Gal Gadot is reportedly refusing to appear in 'Wonder Woman 2' if producer Brett Ratner remains involved with the project. The 32-year-old actress is said to have given Warner Bros. an ultimatum because she's unhappy about the idea of working with…

Patty Jenkins negotiation Wonder Woman 2 pay rise

18 Aug 2017

Film gossip

Patty Jenkins is negotiating a huge pay rise to helm 'Wonder Woman 2'. The 46-year-old star directed the first movie, 'Wonder Woman', and after the film grossed more than $800 million worldwide she is said to be holding out for a substantial cash…

Wonder Woman 2 set for release in December 2019

26 Jul 2017

Film gossip

'Wonder Woman 2' has been handed an official release date of December 13, 2019. The original movie, starring Gal Gadot as the fictional superhero, was a huge success with fans and critics, and excitement surrounding the sequel is already starting to…

Patty Jenkins says directing Wonder Woman 2 wasn't a 'forgone conclusion'

30 Jun 2017

Film gossip

Patty Jenkins admits it wasn't a "forgone conclusion" that she'd direct the 'Wonder Woman' sequel. The 45-year-old movie-maker helmed the widely acclaimed superhero film starring Gal Gadot - but Patty has confessed to harbouring doubts about…

Patty Jenkins is already working on Wonder Woman 2

21 Jun 2017

Film gossip

Patty Jenkins has already set to work on a 'Wonder Woman' sequel. The 45-year-old filmmaker directed the fantasy film starring Gal Gadot - who portrayed the lead character as Diana Princess of the Amazon - which was released last month, and film…

Chris Pine might not be in Wonder Woman 2

6 Jun 2017

Film gossip

Chris Pine's role in 'Wonder Woman 2' is uncertain. The 36-year-old actor stars in the recently released DC Extended Universe movie as Steve Trevor, a trusted friend and partner of the titular superhero - played by Gal Gadot - and although he has…

Wonder Woman 2 to be set in America

5 Jun 2017

Film gossip

The 'Wonder Woman' sequel will take place in America. The first instalment of the latest DC Extended Universe franchise only hit cinema screens last week, but director Patty Jenkins already knows exactly what's going to happen in the sequel…

Wonder Woman 2 in development?

17 May 2017

Film gossip

A 'Wonder Woman 2' is reportedly in development. A Twitter user who attended a promotional event in Shanghai claims Zack Snyder told the audience that Warner Bros. have started planning a Wonder Woman sequel. However, it is thought to be a little…

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