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Gravity, 12 Years a Slave and American Hustle among the BAFTA 2014 nominees

8 Jan 2014

Captain Phillips, Philomena and The Wolf of Wall Street also in the running for awards

The nominees for the 2014 BAFTAs have been announced, with Gravity, 12 Years a Slave, American Hustle and Captain Phillips the main contenders for multiple awards. All four have received nominations for Best Film and Director, with Philomena also in the…

Gravity and American Hustle win big at the BAFTAs 2014

17 Feb 2014

12 Years a Slave, The Great Gatsby, Blue Jasmine, Philomena, Captain Philips & Rush also recognised

The ceremony for the British Academy of Film and Television Awards 2014 took place last night, with Alfonso Cuaron's Gravity scoring six awards. The sci-fi blockbuster, which was shot in the UK, picked up awards for Director, Cinematography, Original…

WATCH: There's a new Transformers: Age of Extinction trailer around - does anyone still care?

5 Mar 2014

Do we really need another instalment of Michael Bay's brainless, CGI-heavy shenanigans?

A new trailer has landed for Transformers: Age of Extinction, the fourth film in Michael Bay's robotic smash-'em-up franchise – you can have a look at it below. Once again, it features a small, human element caught between two technologically advanced…

Full Oscar nominations list 2012

24 Jan 2012

Best picture features The Artist, War Horse and Midnight in Paris

Best Picture. The Artist, The Descendants, Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close, The Help, Hugo, Midnight in Paris, Moneyball, The Tree of Life, War Horse. Actor in a Leading Role: Demián Bichir, George Clooney, Jean Dujardin, Gary Oldman, Brad Pitt.

10 underrated superhero films to stream right now

27 May 2020

Escape the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the Dark Knight trilogy with ten other superhero outings

For superhero movie fans who started lockdown with plans to revisit the Marvel Cinematic Universe's Infinity Saga, the dust may already have long since settled on Iron Man's final sassy exchange with purple peril Thanos and Spider-Man's high-tech tussle…

Captain America: Civil War

25 Apr 20164 stars

Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr fight it out as things turn ugly for the Avengers

A year after the events of Age of Ultron, the Avengers (well, most of them) are reunited in unhappy circumstances. Following the deaths and destruction in their dust-ups with dastards, world leaders demand henceforth that the gang operate under a UN…

Leonardo DiCaprio: An appreciation - The Great Gatsby, unknowability and ultimate fractured hero

22 Apr 2013

DiCaprio and Baz Luhrmann work together again 17 years after Romeo + Juliet

At the beginning of this year Leonardo DiCaprio said that he was planning to take a ‘long, long break from acting’. He appears to be sticking with that plan. Following the The Great Gatsby, released in May, we’ll see him at the end of 2013 in The Wolf…

Avengers: Endgame

24 Apr 20194 stars

The Avengers reassemble as the Infinity Saga draws to a poignant close

The final film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe's Infinity Saga has its work cut out. Not only does it need to bring a 22 film, 11-year series to a satisfying climax and seed the MCU's remixed continuation, it also has to resolve that cliffhanger – half…

The Bow

20 Sep 20074 stars

(15) 89mins (Tartan/DVD retail)

Best known in Western audiences for Bad Guy, 3-Iron and Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter... and Spring, enfant terrible Korean director Kim Ki-duk has some serious twisted form in Asian cinema. This one, like most of the others, comes recommended. The…

Burlesque may star Cher and Christine Aguilera, but there's too much glitter

14 Dec 2010

So there’s a new musical out about burlesque. They’ve made the wrong movie writes Paul Dale

Burlesque starring Cher and Christine Aguilera is a film that has missed its moment. The resurgence and revival of burlesque dominoed by club nights in New York, Los Angeles and New Orleans, and later globalised by Dita Von Teese, now seems to belong to…

Interview: Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero of The Room

25 Feb 2014

The two filmmakers discuss their so-bad-it's-good movie and Sestero's book, The Disaster Artist

When I meet Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero, I am woefully under-prepared. I’d come along to tonight’s screening of The Room – part of the Cameo Cinema’s centenary celebrations – as a paying punter, expecting to witness a bit of Tommy’s madness on-stage…

The Russo brothers to direct Avengers: Infinity War Part 1 and 2

24 Mar 2015

Anthony and Joe Russo set to take over the superhero blockbuster franchise from Joss Whedon

After their sterling work on Captain America: The Winter Soldier, the Russo Bothers are set to become two of the most important players in the world of Marvel movies as they take on the company's flagship Avengers franchise. Winter Soldier was probably…

Student Film Guide 2010

10 Sep 2010

What's coming out when

From mainstream classics to art school gems, film critic Miles Fielder offers a rundown on the movies you cannot afford to miss


19 Mar 20094 stars

James Toback’s friendship with Mike Tyson first surfaced publicly when in 1999 the former heavyweight champion of the world made an unintentionally hilarious cameo in the director’s 1999 race drama Black and White. This appearance came a long time after…

Also Released - Film

22 May 2008

Cassandra’s Dream (12A) 108min •• Cockney brothers Ian (Ewan McGregor) and Terry (Colin Farrell) find themselves in serious financial difficulty. Their solution is kill a man for money but the repercussions of the act soon overcome their close…

Area guide to the Glasgow Film Festival

17 Feb 2011

Kirstin Innes helps you bring the movies to life with our GFF-themed area guide

If you're interested in the Beyond Bollywood, Superheroes in Glasgow, Ceol's Craic or Fashion in Film strands, this is the Glasgow guide for you.

Charlie Bartlett

8 May 20083 stars

DRAMA (15) 96min In a crafty move that befits its wheeler-dealer anti-hero, teen comedy Charlie Bartlett arrives on the coat-tails of the highly publicised Iron Man, which also features Robert Downey Jr. The star gives a pleasing supporting…

Crazy Heart, Tender Mercies and country music on film

17 Feb 2010

Crazy Heart is a tale of alcoholism, love, redemption and country music. It has a healthy lineage writes Paul Dale

Disaster Movie

4 Sep 20081 star

New spoof comedy from the Epic Movie/Meet the Spartans folk. Blockbuster disaster flicks plus the Indiana Jones franchise, Iron Man and High School Musical get lampooned to tedious effect. General release from Fri 5 Sep.

Emily Blunt - Yo majesty!

5 Mar 2009

When people got an eyeful of Emily Blunt’s striking good looks and acting ability in My Summer of Love, winner of the Best New British Feature award following its world premiere at the Edinburgh International Film Festival in 2004, the general consensus…

Fantastic Four: Rise of The Silver Surfer

14 Feb 20081 star

DVD (PG) 88min (20th Century Fox) There are tons of big budget comics-based movies (most notably Iron Man, Wanted and The Dark Knight) on the horizon this year so it’s worth reminding ourselves of the last superhero blockbuster to hit the screens. Or…

Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw

31 Jul 20193 stars

Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham reunite for an intermittently fun spin-off

It's taken nine films to get here but the Fast & Furious franchise's first spin-off liberates its most entertaining elements – Dwayne Johnson's DSS agent Luke Hobbs and Jason Statham's ex mercenary Deckard Shaw – and situates them in a high-stakes buddy…

Genius Within: The Inner Life Of Glenn Gould

18 Jan 20114 stars

Film of archive material untangles the the life of Canadian pianist

(U) 108min What a deliriously nutty double bill this film would make alongside Thirty Two Short Films about Glenn Gould, François Girard’s schematic but pleasingly conceptual project completed in 1993. Michèle Hozer and Peter Raymont’s feature…

Hotel Artemis

16 Jul 20183 stars

Jodie Foster slays in a beautifully shot and designed noir that owes a lot to John Wick

The writer of Iron Man 3, Drew Pearce, has amassed an impressive ensemble for his directorial debut, while his original screenplay wooed Jodie Foster out of an acting hiatus. Foster plays The Nurse who runs the titular hotel, which serves as a hospital…

Jessica Chastain discusses prohibition drama Lawless

19 Aug 2012

The actor has experienced a meteoric rise thanks to parts in The Tree of Life and The Help

Since bursting onto the scene with The Tree of Life a year ago, Jessica Chastain is collecting quite a few treasured memories. Like her time on the red carpet at Cannes, holding hands with her Tree of Life co-stars Brad Pitt and Sean Penn. 'I’d never…