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Interview: John C Reilly on Carnage and Terri

1 Feb 2012

The actor discusses his prolific rate of appearances in both higher and lower profile movies

‘I have been a busy boy, haven’t I?’ grins John C Reilly. And it’s true. Last seen as the luckless father in We Need To Talk About Kevin, the Chicago-born actor now stars in Roman Polanski’s Carnage and US indie Terri. Factor in two major upcoming…

Jonah Hill: 'We want black and white because we want certainty but real confidence is living in uncertainty'

11 Feb 2019

As he makes his directorial debut with Mid90s, which opens this year's Glasgow Film Festival, Hill discusses his connection to the skateboarding scene

It seems like it's only a matter of time before Hollywood's biggest stars make the transition from being in front of the camera to behind it. Actors like Clint Eastwood, Angelina Jolie, Ben Affleck, George Clooney and, most recently, Bradley Cooper…

Julia Roberts receives Hollywood award

15 Oct 2007

Actress Julia Roberts has picked up the 2007 American Cinematheque awards at a ceremony in LA, just a year after presenting George Clooney with the honour. Roberts, who won an Oscar in 2001 for her performance as Erin Brockovich, said she is most…

Larry Charles: Beyond Belief

2 Apr 2009

‘The controversy of people standing in front of a theatre with placards means nothing to me,’ announces Larry Charles. The Borat director and US comedy colossus, famed for his creative input into genre-redefining TV shows Seinfeld and Curb Your…

Learning to Drive

6 Jun 20164 stars

Patricia Clarkson and Ben Kingsley are nicely paired in this endearing drama from Isabel Coixet

A New York based film about divorce, midlife crisis and finding yourself again sounds like a noisy affair. But Spanish director Isabel Coixet’s drama rarely gets hysterical. As quiet as the engine of an electric car, it purrs along on the strength of…

Life Itself

10 Nov 20144 stars

Steve James takes a loving look at the life and legacy of Roger Ebert

Roger Ebert did a lot for film criticism: he promoted small films and reviewed with Midwestern honesty. Life Itself, a warm-hearted and artful documentary by filmmaker Steve James (Hoop Dreams), is a loving look at Ebert’s life as perhaps the most…

The Merciless

23 Oct 20174 stars

Taut and visceral crime thriller from South Korean director Byun Sung-hyun

South Korean cinema has built up quite the reputation for tight crime thrillers, from Oldboy and The Villainess to I Saw the Devil, Memories of Murder and The Age of Shadows, and writer-director Byun Sung-hyun provides yet another strong genre entry…


20 Feb 20194 stars

GFF 2019: Jonah Hill's directorial debut is an artistically ambitious coming-of-ager

Having worked with directors as diverse as the Coen brothers, Martin Scorsese, Bennett Miller and Phil Lord / Christopher Miller, there was no easy answer as to what style Jonah Hill would plump for to kickstart his own filmmaking career. In the end…

Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist

22 Jan 20093 stars

COMEDY/ROMANCE After key roles in Superbad and Juno, Michael Cera has emerged as the leading geek for hire of US teen cinema. He furthers his reputation in this slight but likable comedy. The only straight member of a struggling queercore band…

The Night of the Hunter

16 Jan 20145 stars

Charles Laughton's masterpiece remains both gloriously cinematic and utterly terrifying

Masterpiece is a much overused term, but The Night of the Hunter, a 1955 thriller now restored and re-released, genuinely deserves that accolade. Adapted from Davis Grubb’s 1953 novel (itself based on a true story from 20 years earlier) by screenwriter…

Paris Lockdown

3 Jul 20083 stars

GANGSTER (18) 143min (Momentum DVD retail/rental) This brutally efficient, thoroughly gratuitous French gangster film from Frédéric Schoendorffer, director of Scene de Crime and Spy Bound, explores the lives of various gangsters on the make.

Rolling Stones film gathers moss until 2008

10 Aug 2007

The movie release of Martin Scorsese’s concert documentary about the Rolling Stones will not be released until next April, according to distributor Paramount Classics, to give more time for a promotional campaign.

Romanzo Criminale

26 Oct 20063 stars

This mobster epic charting the rise and fall of a gang of street punks from Rome’s suburbs, who took control of the capital’s criminal underworld in the 1970s, owes a debt not only to Italian crime movies of the period, but also to Italian-American…

Rules Don't Apply

16 Feb 20173 stars

GFF 2017: Warren Beatty returns for a kooky and star-studded take on the notorious Howard Hughes

Warren Beatty was once the alpha male of Hollywood: star, Oscar-winning director and the only person nominated for Academy Awards as actor, writer, director and producer for the same film twice (for Reds and Heaven Can Wait). Having done it all and…

The Second Wind

1 Oct 20092 stars

French thriller

This is the second adaptation of criminal-turned-crime-writer José Giovanni’s novel about an old lag breaking out of prison after a lengthy spell inside only to find the underworld of late 1950s Paris has changed beyond recognition. The first, made by…

Seduced and Abandoned

4 Nov 20134 stars

A look behind-the-scenes at Cannes Film Festival with James Toback and Alec Baldwin

The Cannes Film Festival is the place where high art meets low commerce. It's where the new Michael Haneke can claim as many column inches as the new Michael Bay. In 2012, cult writer/director James (Fingers) Toback and actor Alec Baldwin headed to a…

Six great moments of classical music in film

19 Apr 2016

Whether it's pathos, uplift or stark screaming terror, sometimes you just need to go to the classics

Movies need music, or at any rate it's hard to think of ones that don’t. Where would Quentin Tarantino be without Seventies pop, or Wes Anderson without the British Invasion, or Steven Spielberg without John Williams? Film noir isn't really film noir…

There Will Be Blood - Daniel Day-Lewis interview

31 Jan 2008

Daniel Day-Lewis doesn’t make many films but when he does there’s almost always a seat reserved for him near the podium at awards ceremonies. The London-born, Ireland-based actor has already won an Oscar for My Left Foot and has amassed a further 40…

This Film is Not Yet Rated

18 Sep 20064 stars

(18) 97min

DOCUMENTARY Kirby Dick’s hilarious but deeply worrying exposé of the Motion Picture Association of America’s rating board is one of the most thoroughly entertaining documentaries of the year. A clearly partisan Dick (his own films, among them Sick…


23 Sep 20193 stars

Veteran script supervisor Martha Pinson makes her directorial debut with an endearing drama

Tesla (Sebastian Street), a disabled war veteran haunted by the past, and Sky (Stuart Brennan), a charming but secretive trust fund ne'er-do-well who parties each day as if it's his last, strike up a friendship in a hip London bar, the odd-couple…

Tony Manero

2 Apr 20094 stars

DRAMA As any self-respecting Saturday Night Fever fan will tell you, Tony Manero is the name of the white suit-wearing dancer who made John Travolta a by-word for cool. The premise of Pablo Larrain’s sophomore movie is like a disco nightmare. It’s…

Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Life - But is it any good?

19 Nov 20103 stars

'Arch and tedious' or 'a distinct creative vision'

Slow-burning Thai film Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives scooped the top prize at the Cannes Film Festival, but critics can't decide whether it's poetically beautiful or deathly dull. Two List film writers take sides on the issue Yes…

We Have A Pope

9 Nov 20114 stars

Light-hearted touches within surprisingly pessimistic vision of Catholic Church system

(tbc) 104mins Although it’s set in the world of heavyweight prize-fighters, it would be cruelly limiting to describe Martin Scorsese’s lacerating study of masculine self-loathing Raging Bull as a film about boxing. Ditto Italian writer-director Nanni…

Welcome to New York

18 Jun 20142 stars

Trashy account of Strauss-Khan assault case says little, despite Jacqueline Bisset and Depardieu

The (dis)-honourable traditions of the film a clef, true-life stories fictionalised for legal reasons in the fashion of Citizen Kane, The Greek Tycoon or Velvet Goldmine, are spottily maintained by Abel Ferrara's torn-from-the-headlines drama Welcome to…


19 May 20173 stars

Cannes 2017: Todd Haynes returns with an imaginative, New York-set children's adventure

In 1977, we meet Benji (Oakes Fegley) who is awoken by a nightmarish vision of wolves, the grief of losing his mother (Michelle Williams) still weighing heavily on his mind. Soon after, he gets struck by lightning and loses his hearing. Meanwhile, a…